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Mikey's Crystal Ball: Super Bowl Edition

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Conference championship results: 2-0

Playoff record: 10-0

Season record: 175-91

Well, here we are. Three days away from the biggest football game of the season, and our New York Giants are one of the two remaining teams, with a legitimate shot at winning another title. I've had a decent run these last few weeks, and hope to continue that this weekend. The G-man will have his pick in an hour or so, but first I will give you mine....

NY Giants vs. New England at Indianapolis--Things are a bit different this time around than four years ago. For one, the Patriots are not 18-0 and are not favored by 10 or 14 points like they were back then. They are still favored, though, mainly because of a high-octane offense led by Tom Brady, and maybe because Brady and coach Bill Belichick have won three Super Bowls together. Of course, the Patriots did lose the last time they were here. Meanwhile, Eli Manning has had to answer questions all year after saying he was in the same class as Brady in a radio interview. The thing is, though, Manning has proved that to be true, with a career year including fifteen fourth quarter touchdown passes. He and his outstanding young receivers Victor Cruz, Mario Manningham and Hakeem Nicks are hard to stop; as are Brady and his cast led by the large and athletic tight end duo of Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. Both teams had below average seasons on defense, but are peaking these last few weeks. This is going to be another great game, and one that should be, once again, determined in the fourth quarter. Giants 34, Patriots 31