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Victor Cruz Or Jeremy Lin? Who Is The Bigger Story?

Here is a question for you, New York Giants fans. What is a bigger, more incredible story -- the improbable rise to stardom of Victor Cruz with the Giants, or 'Linsanity,' the amazing story of Jeremy Lin and the New York Knicks?

Both great stories. Both guys who came virtually out of nowhere to reach heights no one could have imagined for either of them when their respective seasons started.

Cruz, of course, set the Giants single-season record for most yards received, Salsa danced his way into the hearts of New York fans -- and all the way to the Grammys -- and was a huge part of the reason the Giants won the 2012 Super Bowl.

Lin, of course, is the twice-cut Asian born point guard who has come from the end of the bench to rescue the Knicks' season and probably coach Mike D'Antoni's job. He has spawned a marketing craze and a 'Lin-guage' all his own. Plus, he's got Kim Kardashian hot on his trail.

Just a fun topic to debate on a Friday afternoon. Your thoughts?