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Randy Moss A New York Giant? Fuhgeddaboudit!

Since it is the offseason and we are willing to discuss just about anything someone throws against the wall, let's talk about this whole Randy Moss un-retirement thing and whether or not there is any chance he would fit with the New York Giants.

In a recent 'Fanpost,' an impassioned plea was made for the Giants to sign the once-great Moss if Mario Manningham, as expected, leaves the Giants via free agency this offseason.

I have only one question for the author of that post. 'ZR,' whoever you are, here is that question. Are you completely nuts?

No wait, make that two questions.

The second one is this. Have you paid any attention to how Jerry Reese, Tom Coughlin and the Giants do business? A method that has won them two Super Bowls.

If Randy Moss was to become a Giant I would qualify that as one of the most stunning personnel decisions ever made by the franchise. A franchise, incidentally, that remains inherently conservative in its nature. Most certainly it would be the most stunning thing to happen since SB Nation and I launched this website back in February of 2007.

The Giants don't go out of their way to sign troublemakers who have a history of disrupting locker rooms and only giving effort when they feel like it. You can argue that they made an exception when they signed Plaxico Burress several years ago, but that plays into my second point.

When they signed Burress he was in the prime of his career and the Giants were desperate to surround a struggling young franchise quarterback with weapons that could bail him out while he honed his craft.

The Giants don't sign big-ego, high maintenance former stars who are trying to hang on to their careers. They will occasionally sign a useful veteran like Deon Grant when there is a glaring need. The Giants, though, like players with bright futures. Not players with troubled pasts whose best days are long gone.

Why would the Giants sign Moss, even if they lose Manningham? There is still Ramses Barden. There is Jerrel Jernigan. There is the upcoming draft. Shoot, there is the possibility of bringing former Giant Steve Smith back into the fold as a free agent -- and the former SS12 now known by some as SS Traitor surely has a whole more left in the tank than Moss.

Remember, Moss is 35. He did not play last season and he stunk in 2010 when he played for three teams, caught 28 balls and spent more time wondering what city he was in than actually playing football.

The things that made Moss a six-time Pro Bowler and four-time All Pro were his great speed and his tremendous strength and leaping ability that allowed him to take balls away from defenders downfield. No matter what he might say, Moss does not possess those physical gifts any longer.