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Football Outsiders: Offensive Line Giants Biggest Need

One thing I have always been guilty of around here is not paying enough attention to the work done by the fabulous analysts at Football Outsiders. Well, since we have opened up our 2012 NFL Draft discussion, and since Georgia guard Cordy Glenn was the subject of today's 2012 NFL Draft Prospect Profile, some recent work by the folks at FO is worthy of looking at.

FO has been compiling a look at the biggest offseason needs for each NFL team. In studying the NFC East, FO determined the Giants biggest need to be the offensive line. That should hardly be surprising if you paid attention most of the season.

FO ranked the Giants offensive line 28th overall, and said the groups "was kind of a mess last season for long stretches."

It is pretty hard to disagree with that.

Outsiders tracked blown blocks this season and determined that David Diehl led the Giants with 17 of them, followed by Kareem McKenzie. That won't surprise Giants fans at all, though we have to cut Diehl a little slack for having played two positions and dealt with a broken hand. Diehl (-58.1) and McKenzie (-33.2) ranked worst among Giants' offensive line in scores compiled by Pro Football Focus. In fact, no Giants lineman received a plus score from PFF for the 2011 season.

FO's advice? "Draft the best lineman available."

Truthfully, I don't think Giants fans could be upset if that is exactly what the Giants end up doing.