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New York Giants News and Notes: First 10 Days of the Offseason Hump Day Edition

Good morning fellow Giants fans. Welcome to the Hump Day after the first ten days of enjoying our Giants as Super Bowl champions once again. In other words, happy Wednesday, but we can't sugar coat that it's the off-season. But it still feels good, doesn't it? Anyway, here are a few bits of Big Blue news I found out there.....

First things first. It was announced on Tuesday that Giants' Assistant offensive line coach Jack Bicknell was named offensive line coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. Here is a snippet from the Giants' PR department:

Jack Bicknell, Jr. figured the Giants' exhilarating playoff run and Super Bowl victory ensured he would return for a fourth season as the team's assistant offensive line coach.

"A lot of the jobs had been filled up by the time we were done," Bicknell said.

But one remained open. Soon after he returned from the Giants' parade in New York City and championship celebration in MetLife Stadium last Tuesday, Bicknell received a call from the Kansas City Chiefs, who were looking for a line coach. Bicknell interviewed for the job two days later and this week was officially named to the staff of Chiefs Coach Romeo Crennel, the former Giants assistant.

New York Giants Have Decisions to Make During Free Agency - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Mission accomplished. The championship was won, and all the backs have been patted and the 'atta boys have been handed out. Now the Giants have to get themselves out of the self-congratulation mode and move on to preparing for the 2012 season. The Giants have significant personnel and contract issues to address if they want to retain their precarious hold on the NFC East as well as the NFL championship.

Cruz: Manningham’s Super catch wasn’t drawn up that way | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports

Even though the call was for Cruz to be Manning's first read on the play, the pass never went his direction. Instead, the ball went to Manningham on the opposite side for a 38-yard clutch catch that has become one of the iconic moments in Super Bowl history.

For N.Y. Giants' Victor Cruz, a Super Bowl ring is not enough | Professional | -- Your State. Your News.
We all now know -- thanks to NFL taped recordings -- that part of Bill Belichik's defensive game plan was to focus on shutting down Cruz and Hakeem Nicks. It's clear that the Paterson, NJ-native is regarded as a game changer. Cruz has been quoted in the media saying that he deserves more money, and he wisely added that it's "something I’ll let my agents take care of." That's what they are paid to do. It will be interesting to see how the Giants respond. When they agreed to the deal, Cruz's market value was substantially lower, but a contract is a contract. Both sides signed it in good faith, and the team would be within their rights to insist on its terms. One great year doesn't mean you tear everything up.

Wow, talk about a metoric rise. You can't open anything in the newspaper or online now without seeing Victor Cruz' name somewhere. Good for the kid, but it's hard not to wonder what he was doing a year ago at this time.

February is Super sweet for Sanya Richards-Ross - espnW
I believed New York would pull it off, but with Tom Brady having the final say, my heart was in my throat! Now I really understand how my family feels when they're watching me at a major championship meet. As the confetti fell in celebration of the Giants' win, I ran onto the field to celebrate with my husband, and I couldn't help but say a little prayer of thanks for how blessed his career has been. Two Super Bowl rings in five years ... UNTHINKABLE!

Yeah, I know it's espnW, but it's a unique perspective.

Bennett: Giants' run shows Super Bowl reachable -
If the New York Giants can get into the playoffs with a 9-7 record and win a Super Bowl, why can’t the Chicago Bears?

Anyone want to take this? Okay, I'll bite. Because they are the Bears! Seriously, I know they were close last year, but there is no comparing the Bears' passing game to that of the Giants right now.

Here is some Keep 'em or Dump 'em fun from the New York Daily News. I know there will be way more Keeps this year!

Finally, I'll leave you guys with some more Hump Day fun. This is Giants' fan and friend of the team, Mike Peterson, last weekend during Super Bowl festivity week. You can't tell at first that he is doing both the melody and beat box, until he stops. It's pretty amazing. We sure do have talented fans, don't we?