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Peter King Drops Some New York Giants Knowledge

Many Monday mornings during the NFL season I scan Peter King's 'Monday Morning Quarterback' column at looking for interesting nuggets of information about the New York Giants. More often than not, I end up disappointed to find little to nothing.

Well, with the Giants being the Super Bowl champions I figured today would be different. King did not disappoint, with lots of items I know you will want to read.

  • Lots of great Eli Manning stuff. Here is a nugget I have to point out regarding Manning and offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride:

    The fact that Gilbride and Manning have been together for eight years is a huge factor in Gilbride knowing what Manning will execute well in a certain situation. "He completes my sentences,'' Gilbride said. And Manning told me this about Gilbride: "He is what I know about NFL offenses. I can't tell you how huge an advantage it is to be with the same coordinator for so long.''
  • In the wake of Whitney Houston's unfortunate death, some tremendous insight about the greatest Super Bowl national anthem ever performed.
  • A great tidbit about how the Giants almost never got the Lombardi Trophy after Super Bowl XXV.
  • King opines that the Giants will make little more than a "cursory effort" to sign Mario Manningham, and adds that Manningham "believes he can play to a star level in the league and that he hasn't had the chance." Unfortunately, I think King is right.