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New York Giants News and Notes: 8 Days Beyond Edition

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Good morning fellow Giants fans. I come to you a few days removed from back surgery--still in pain, still a bit, you know, fuzzy--but basking in the afterglow of another Giants' Super Bowl win like the rest of you. You all will appreciate this....the day of my surgery was the day of the parade, and to my pleasant surprise, my recovery room had the NFL Network so I was able to watch some of the festivities on TV. My wife asked me on Sunday how much of that I remember, and frankly I don't recall much. But I know I awoke from my anesthesia slumber and was happy when it hit me again that we won it all, and that I'd be able to spend most of the week watching highlights, analysis and shows like Sound FX that focused on Super Bowl 46. But hey, I missed you guys, so here I am...let's see if there is anything on the Big Blue Web this morning.....

First of all, did any of you catch Mario Manningham and Victor Cruz at the Grammys last night? They presented the award for Best Rock Song, won by Foo Fighters. Wow, these guys have been everywhere this past week, and it sure has been cool to see that.

Tight end could be offseason concern for Giants - NFL - News, Rumors, Scores, Stats, Fantasy Advice
Despite having won their fourth Super Bowl and becoming the first team in league history to win at least one Lombardi Trophy in each of the last four decades, the Giants' offense, powered by franchise record-setting quarterback Eli Manning, is likely going to be tweaked for next year. The biggest and most unexpected position that will need to be addressed is the tight end spot, this thanks to the torn ACL injuries suffered by starter Jake Ballard, an exclusive rights free agent who's expected to be retained, and backup Travis Beckum in Super Bowl XLVI.

Tony Romo shoots lower round than partner Tiger Woods at Pebble Beach | Dallas Cowboys News - Sports News for Dallas, Texas - SportsDayDFW
The jokes can kind of write themselves here, but I'll let you guys come up with a few in the comments section, and maybe we'll do an informal poll to pick the best one.

Part 1 -- 10 questions New York Giants must answer this offseason - ESPN New York
The New York Giants seemed to answer every question that doubters and critics had with their stirring run to the Super Bowl. There should be no doubt about Tom Coughlin's future after winning his second Super Bowl. Same thing goes for Eli Manning and his rank among the elite after winning his second Super Bowl MVP award. Leadership? Justin Tuck, Manning, Zak DeOssie and a host of others like Antrel Rolle and Deon Grant laid that issue to rest. Linebackers and special teams? Both units were good enough to win a Super Bowl. So now, a different set of questions arises for the Giants -- the questions that a world champion faces when going into an offseason looking to defend its title. Here are the first five issues the Giants will have to answer, in no particular order....

Giants Get Custom License Plate, but Some Aren’t Cheering -
Less than 24 hours after the Giants won the Super Bowl, the State of New York announced the release of a commemorative license plate to honor the team’s championship. And fans cheered. But the decision to sell that plate has angered groups that have been trying for years to get the state to create customized plates for them.

Eavesdropping on the Super Bowl Sidelines -
What was Patriots Coach Bill Belichick’s strategy when the Giants tried to mount a late fourth-quarter rally in the Super Bowl? "Make them go to Manningham" — five words that will haunt Patriots fans and delight Giants fans for years to come. The sideline instruction to his defense, which turned painfully prophetic, was captured by an NFL Network show that wired several players, coaches and officials in Sunday’s game. Crouched on the sideline in front of the players, Belichick emphasized that they had to focus on Giants receivers Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz.

Maybe when Manningham gets his payday courtesy of one of the great plays in Super Bowl history, he should send Belichick a thank you note.

Terrell Owens: Now that I'm not here, 'I don't know what Skip Bayless can say' is wrong with Cowboys | Dallas Cowboys News - Sports News for Dallas, Texas - SportsDayDFW
I'm not going to go there. When I was here, Skip Bayless wasn't an advocate for me and what I was doing in Dallas. We were winning but we weren't getting to the NFC Championship Game and stuff like that. I was the problem. Now that I'm not here and I've been gone, I don't know what Skip can say now as to what the problem is. I have no answers for how they can get back to the glory days. It's not rocket science. They have great players on both sides of the ball but things are just not happening for them.

Boy, the Dallas media seems to be an endless source of entertainment, huh?