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No Football? How Will You Survive The Day?

How are you spending your first Sunday since September without football? That seems to be a topic of conversation on Twitter amongst football writers with nothing to write about. So, how about it football fans?

What will you be doing today? Taking care of that long-ignored 'Honey-Do' list? Watching some college hoops? Studying up on the 2012 NFL Draft?

Personally, I will be doing a little writing, maybe prepping a little NFL Draft coverage, a little reading, checking in on how Tiger Woods is progressing at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am (he is still the only reason to watch golf) and maybe talking myself into hitting the gym for a workout.

So, use this is an NFL withdrawal open thread for the day. Tell us what you are up to, chat about college hoops, Woods' efforts, the upcoming baseball season, the exploits of Jeremy Lin, whatever you need to discuss to pass the time without football.