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Debate: Should Victor Cruz Get A Rich New Contract?

Should the New York Giants give Victor Cruz a rich new contract? Cruz clearly thinks he deserves one after setting a franchise record for receiving yards in a single season and helping the Giants win their fourth Super Bowl title.

Is he right? Is it something the Giants can afford to do? Can they afford not to do it?

As things stand now Cruz is entering the final year of the three-year deal he signed when he first became a Giant. He made $405,000 in 2011 and is scheduled to make $490,000 next season.

General manager Jerry Reese would not commit to anything in regards to Cruz, or anyone else. He said only "We have not yet discussed anything with respect to salaries."

What would you do if you were Reese and co-owner John Mara? Would you rip up Cruz's deal and give him a rich long-term mega-deal with boatloads of guaranteed money? Would you take a hard line and say 'not so fast, young fella. Prove to us you aren't a one-year wonder?' Would you try to find some middle ground?

Keep in mind that the Giants have 24 free agents, and not a whole lot of cap flexibility to mess around with. Cruz won't be the only one looking to get paid, and giving money to one guy means less for someone else. Give a rich new deal to Cruz and Hakeem Nicks (scheduled to make $2.05 million next season including signing bonus) will likely as 'what about me?' Sam with All-Pro Jason Pierre-Paul ($2.325 million).

So, I know a lot of you like to play amateur GM. What would you do?