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Mike Sullivan Interviewing In Tampa Bay

[Note by Ed Valentine, 02/10/12 5:08 PM EST: Mike Garafolo reports that assistant offensive line coach Jack Bicknell is interviewing in Kansas City. ]

The first assistant coach for the Super Bowl champion New York Giants to draw the attention of another NFL team is ... quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan.

Giants fans might be taken aback by that slightly. Remember, it wasn't so long ago that Sullivan was a rookie quarterbacks coach, Eli Manning threw a ridiculous 25 interceptions in one season and there was a lot of gnashing of teeth over whether or not Sullivan, a wide receivers coach until 2010 who had never worked with quarterbacks, was up to the job.

Now, the Giants are Super Bowl champions. Manning has won his second Super Bowl MVP. And Sullivan is drawing interest as a potential offensive coordinator.

Winning certainly does change the equation in a hurry.