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New York Giants 2011-2012 Season-Ending 'Kudos & Wet Willies'

This post is exactly what the headline says it is. A season-ending 'Kudos & Wet Willies' evaluation of the 2012 Super Bowl champion New York Giants.

I am going to try something I have not done before in a season wrapup. I am going to go through the roster player-by-player, using the roster currently available at Each player, save for those who were on the practice squad and just signed reserve/futures contracts, will be reviewed in alphabetical order.

So, let's get started.

Prince Amukamara , CB -- Amukamara's selection by the Giants with the 19th pick of the 2011 NFL Draft was greeted with great fanfare. A top 10 talent who somehow fell to the Giants, Amukamara was looked at as a sure-fire difference-maker. It didn't work out that way. The last first-round pick to sign a contract. A broken foot that caused him to miss more than half the year. Coverage mistakes that led to him being mostly banished to the sideline while the Giants won six in a row to win the Super Bowl. Amukamara could still be an impact player, and probably will be, but the Giants did not get what they hoped for from him this season. Snaps Played: 203. PFF Grade: -1.8. Ed Says: Wet Willie.

Stacy Andrews, OL -- Did a decent job for the Giants as a reserve offensive lineman/extra tight end until going on IR with blood clots in his lungs. Snaps Played: 73. PFF Grade: -2.2. Ed Says: Kudos ... he's alive.

David Baas, C -- Struggled all season after being signed as a free agent to replace Shaun O'Hara. Dealt with head and neck injuries, but also dealt with getting used to a new team, new system and new linemates. Per Pro Football Focus, played his best game of the season (+3.3) in the Super Bowl. The jury is still out on whether Baas is the long-term answer at center, but he deserves another opportunity. Snaps Played: 990. PFF Grade: -11.3. Ed Says: Kwillie

Jake Ballard, TE -- Came out of nowhere to do an excellent job, catching 43 passes between the regular season and playoffs. Unfortunately, his torn ACL means the Giants will be looking for a replacement for 2012. Snaps Played: 1047. PFF Grade: +1.4 Ed Says: Kudos

Ramses Barden, WR -- Another mostly wasted season. Snaps Played: 134. PFF Grade: -1.3 Ed Says: Wet Willie

Will Beatty, LT -- Took over as the starter in 2011 and proved he could handle the job before going down with a detached retina. Snaps Played: 683. PFF Grade: -1.2 Ed Says: Kudos

Travis Beckum, TE -- Like Ballard, the Giants will be looking to replace Beckum in 2012 as he also tore an ACL in the Super Bowl. Beckum was disappointing this season, but did make a few plays. His Giants' career might be history. Snaps Played: 222. PFF Grade: -0.9. Ed Says: Kwillie

Rocky Bernard, DT -- Did a good job as the third defensive tackle in the Giants' defensive line rotation. Snaps Played: 466. PFF Grade: +3.5. Ed Says: Kudos

Chase Blackburn, MLB -- From his couch at midseason to starting MLB to Super Bowl hero with a key interception. Too bad it probably won't be enough to get him a starting job next season. Snaps Played: 381. PFF Grade: +4.8. Ed Says: Kudos

Will Blackmon, CB/PR -- Not really an NFL-caliber corner any longer. Not much of a punt returner, either. The best thing you can say is he didn't screw anything up returning punts. Punt Returns: 15. PFF Grade: -1.0 as a returner. Ed Says: Kwillie

Michael Boley, LB -- His best season as a Giant. Played well and took over as defensive signal caller. Snaps Played: 1177. PFF Grade: -0.4. Ed Says: Kudos

Kevin Boothe, OL -- Filled in nicely at center and guard. GM Jerry Reese said re-signing him was critical, and he was right. Snaps Played: 1004. PFF Grade: -19.0. Ed Says: Kudos ... who cares about the PFF grade on this one?

Ahmad Bradshaw, RB -- Probably now owns the weirdest touchdown in Super Bowl history. Forget the numbers, this guy is incredibly important to the Giants. Snaps Played: 669. PFF Grade: +13.6. Ed Says: Kudos

James Brewer, OT -- Incomplete. Never played a down.

Chris Canty, DT -- A force to be reckoned with in the middle, even though he does not put up huge sack or tackle numbers. Snaps Played: 839. PFF Grade: +9.8. Ed Says: Kudos

David Carr, QB -- Incomplete. Never played a snap (thank God!). Looks good in his uni, though.

Michael Clayton, WR -- Incomplete.

Michael Coe, CB -- Incomplete.

Jim Cordle, OC -- You have to like this guy. Played very little, but did a good job when forced to long snap for Zak DeOssie against Seattle in his first game after coming off the practice squad. Snaps Played: 29. PFF Grade: -2.9. Ed Says: Kudos

Victor Cruz, WR -- Do we even have to discuss it? Snaps Played: 1052. PFF Grade: +6.7. Ed Says: Kudos

Zak DeOssie, LS -- Another year for the Giants long-snapper without any disastrous snaps. He also made seven special teams tackles. Ed Says: Kudos

David Diehl, OL -- Every Giants' fans favorite whipping boy on the offensive line. The numbers really are ugly for Diehl. Give Diehl some credit for playing two positions this season without complaint, and for toughing out much of the season with a broken hand no one outside the locker room knew about. Snaps Played: 1401. PFF Grade: -58.1. Ed Says: Kwillie ... only up from a 'WW' for displaying toughness and sleflessness.

Deon Grant, S -- A savvy veteran, but a guy who is too slow to be relied upon much longer. Snaps Played: 1126. PFF Grade: -4.4. Ed Says: Kwillie

Mark Herzlich, LB -- Didn't have much of an impact on the field, but he made the team and that was accomplishment enough. For now. Snaps Played: 75. PFF Grade: -0.8. Ed Says: Kudos

Domenik Hixon, WR -- Incomplete. But don't forget the brilliant touchdown catch against the St. Louis Rams that ended up costing him the rest of the season.

Henry Hynoski -- The Hynocaurus got better and better as the season progressed. Could be the Giants' fullback for several years. Snaps Played: 373. PFF Grade: +2.7. Ed Says: Kudos

Brandon Jacobs, RB -- The Beast went from unhappy and unproductive to happy guy who was making things happen at the end of the season. Will he be back next season? Snaps Played: 373. PFF Grade: +6.2. Ed Says: Kwillie

Jerrel Jernigan, WR/KR -- Did not catch any passes and did not make any impact in the return game until late in the season. We probably find out much more about Jernigan next season. Ed Says: Kwillie

Greg Jones, MLB -- Well, we found out why Jones lasted until the sixth round of the 2011 NFL Draft. He's a decent run defender and good special teams player, but doesn't appear to have the speed or coverage ability to play every down. Snaps Played: 204. PFF Grade: +0.4. Ed Says: Kwillie

Linval Joseph, DT -- The Giants drafted Joseph in 2010 as an eventual replacement for Barry Cofield, and Joseph justified that move in 2011. Snaps Played: 764. PFF Grade: +8.1. Ed Says: Kudos

Jimmy Kennedy, DT -- Calls himself the best defensive tackle in the league, which is laughable. Played a little, got himself suspended for four games. Never appeared again. Snaps Played: 55. PFF Grade: -0.5. Ed Says: Wet Willie ... and good riddance.

Mathias Kiwanuka, LB -- Did an excellent job against the run. Also lined up at times as a defensive end and tackle. Never complained about being shuffled around, just made plays. Snaps Played: 975. PFF Grade: +10.3. Ed Says: Kudos

Eli Manning, QB -- Two Super Bowl rings. The best individual season of his career. We can debate the Hall of Fame another time, all I know is keep Manning upright and the Giants always have a chance. Snaps Played: 1404. PFF Grade: +43.3. Ed Says: Kudos

Mario Manningham, WR -- Not Manningham's best season, but he was a hero at the end of the Super Bowl when the Giants needed one and that skews his standing here. Snaps Played: 756. PFF Grade: -2.4 Ed Says: Kudos

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Derrick Martin, S -- A special teams player mostly who saw only four defensive snaps all season. Had one game with three penalties, but otherwise did a good job. Ed Says: Kwillie

Kareem McKenzie, OT -- I hate to write the veteran off, and that would be a mistake. McKenzie did not play well in 2011, however. Snaps Played: 1403. PFF Grade: -33.2. Ed Says: Wet Willie

Hakeem Nicks, WR -- What really needs to be said? This guy is a great player. Snaps Played: 1257. PFF Grade: +19.5. Ed Says: Kudos

Bear Pascoe, TE -- An excellent guy to have on a roster. Does a decent job at tight end and fullback and can catch the ball a little. A guy who gives you everything he has. Snaps Played: 513. PFF Grade: -6.8. Ed Says: Kudos

Spencer Paysinger, LB -- Did some things on special teams, but only played 50 snaps on defense. Ed Says: Kwillie

Mitch Petrus, OG -- Played well enough when he got the opportunity to start a couple of games that you want to see more. Snaps Played: 229. PFF Grade: -5.4. Ed Says: Kudos

Kenny Phillips, S -- May never be the All-Pro player Giants fans hoped for, but he is solid. Snaps Played: 1282. PFF Grade: +9.6. Ed Says: Kudos

Jason Pierre-Paul, DE -- Superstar. One-man defense at times in 2011. Enough said. Snaps Played: 1208. PFF Grade: +39.2. Ed Says: Kudos

Antrel Rolle, S -- Didn't always play well, but he was playing out of position. Sometimes spoke too much, but did end up saying some important things his teammates listened to. Snaps Played: 1377. PFF Grade: -21.4. Ed Says: Kwillie

Aaron Ross, CB/PR -- Started well, faded, played better as the Giants went deeper into the playoffs. Snaps Played: 1197. PFF Grade: -1.3. Ed Says: Kwillie

Tyler Sash, S -- We don't know yet if Sash has what it takes to be part of the secondary. He is, however, a quality special teams player. Ed Says: Kudos

Da'Rel Scott, RB/KR -- We saw a little of Scott as a returner, where he did OK, and he caught a few passes. Mostly, it feels like we still don't know anything. Ed Says: Incomplete

Chris Snee, OG -- Let's get this out of the way, I have received nasty-grams via e-mail from Snee family members (not on the Coughlin side) when I have been critical of Snee in the past. I expect to get one again after this. A couple of years ago, Snee was a dominant guard among the best in the business at what he does. He simply doesn't appear to be that guy anymore. Snaps Played: 1305. PFF Grade: -18.7. Ed Says: Wet Willie ... I was tempted to say 'Kwillie,' but this is well below Snee's career standard.

Devin Thomas, WR/KR -- Not much impact as a wide receiver (only 33 snaps all season) and eventually lost the kickoff return job because of shaky ball protection. But, made two huge fumble recoveries in the NFC Championship Game. Ed Says: Kudos

Dave Tollefson, DE -- PFF hates Tollefson, but he is a guy who gives everything he has on every play. He is the defensive version of Pasco. Snaps Played: 574. PFF Grade: -20.4. Ed Says: Kudos

Justin Trattou, DE -- Incomplete.

Justin Tryon, CB -- Only played 30 snaps, but made a huge impression on Giants fans with his courage before being placed on IR.

Justin Tuck, DE -- Not Tuck's best statistical season as he battled through just about every injury known to man this season. Not close to his best work. But, at the end when the Giants needed to be "all in," Tuck was, and his spirited, solid play and his attitude were big factors in the Super Bowl run. Snaps Played: 823. PFF Grade: +9.2. Ed Says: Kudos

Lawrence Tynes, PK -- Better work this season on kickoffs, and again made the big kicks when the Giants needed them. Ed Says: Kudos

Tony Ugoh, OL -- Did an acceptable job as a fill-in extra lineman after Andrews went down. Snaps Played: 35. PFF Grade: -0.3. Ed Says: Kudos

Osi Umenyiora, DE -- Once he got his head right following his training camp pout, Umenyiora was a force. Snaps Played: 542. PFF Grade: +6.2. Ed Says: Kudos

D.J. Ware, RB -- It seems the Giants waited years for Ware to contribute, because they did wait years for Ware to contribute. He did a good job as the third-down back this season. Snaps Played: 574. PFF Grade: -20.4. Ed Says: Kudos

Steve Weatherford, P -- Umm, can you say upgrade over Matt Dodge. Ed Says: Kudos ... Plus, there is this which I know you guys love.

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Corey Webster, CB -- Webster had a terrific season, especially once defensive coordinator Perry Fewell allowed him to start playing more one-on-one coverage agains the No. 1 receivers in the league. Snaps Played: 1383. PFF Grade: +6.5. Ed Says: Kudos

Jacquian Williams, LB -- We saw more of Williams than any other rookie. He had his ups and downs, but he looks like a keeper. Snaps Played: 597. PFF Grade: -5-2. Ed Says: Kwillie