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New York Giants' news and notes, 12/8/12

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Good morning Giants' fans! Here is Saturday's Notebook while the Giants prepare for the New Orleans Saints at the Meadowlands tomorrow.

Jacquian Williams' transcript:

Q: Do you think you're ready to go for Sunday?
A: I practiced more than I ever did since the injury, so that's a good thing. I'm waiting to hear back from the coach and the medical staff, but I'm ready to go. I practiced well.

Tom Coughlin transcript:

Q: Do you buy into the idea that a nastier attitude might behoove your defense?
A: I don't know if that's the right word. You talk a lot about the way the defense prepares themselves and how aggressive their style of play is and we've had very aggressive style of play and we've had play such s the... You get slowed down a little bit by your responsibilities when you're playing an offense like that. We play pretty nasty, pretty tough and so I'd like to see that. Obviously, I'd like to see us return to that style.

New York Giants vow to beat the New Orleans Saints
New York Daily News
The Giants vow to beat the Saints after suffering a Superdome beat down last season

Giants' wary of the Saints running game
Washington Post
There's more to the New Orleans' Saints offense besides Drew Brees and the New York Giants know it.

Drew Brees not turning cautious
Coming off a five-interception game, Drew Brees says he's not going to suddenly change his mentality

Giants' Herzlich enjoys unique role
FOX Sports
A Q&A with middle linebacker Mark Herzlich about his journey to today

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