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NFL Week 14 Predictions: Mikey's Crystal Ball

The playoffs are looming and games are getting more exciting. Who do you like this week? Who does Mikey like this week? Read on to find out.....

Greetings everyone. It's Week 14, and once again the Giants are licking a December wound inflicted by the Redskins, themselves and Jerome Bogar. I'm sorry, but in my opinion as a couch warrior, that guy is one of the worst refs in the game. I was driving home from a meeting with a client Monday night and had the game on the radio early in the first quarter, and when I heard "Here's Jerome Bogar with the call," I knew we were doomed. Bogar and Jeff Triplette make me roll my eyes, not necessarily because they call the games one-sided (which they do sometimes), but because they call too many penalties that many refs will let slide by. That gets annoying, and it adds up, and it always means the Giants get flagged after a big play that gives them momentum. Okay, this is not a soapbox column, it's a picks column, so I'll shut up and give you those now.....

Denver at Oakland--I don't know what the spread is, but I would take Peyton Manning's team against this porous D even if they were favored by 20. Broncos 41, Raiders 17

Dallas at Cincinnati--I have this feeling that the Bengals are going to do to the Cowboys what they did to the Giants in Cincinnati. There is something about Tony Romo in December and January, and I don't mean that in a good way. Bengals 23, Cowboys 17

St. Louis at Buffalo--Quietly Jeff Fisher is making a case for coach of the year. Of course, there is a story in Indy that will wind up being more compelling, but Fisher will deservedly get some votes. Bills 20, Rams 19

Philadelphia at Tampa Bay--The Bucs are home and still alive. Andy Reid is looking at Google right now to see where the best cheeseburgers in Tampa are. Any questions? Bucs 30, Eagles 23

Atlanta at Carolina--There is part of me that actually believes the Falcons will be looking ahead to that game with the Giants in Week 15. And Cam will make them pay. Panthers 27, Falcons 24

Chicago at Minnesota--One of the best rivalries in the game. Do any of you remember the days of Walter Payton vs. Chuck Foreman? I know the Bears have a sick D, but Adrian Peterson has been flat-out nasty of late. Vikings 23, Bears 20

NY Jets at Jacksonville--I know there is a QB controversy in Floram Park. But if Rex really wants to win this game, he would keep Sanchez on the bench. In fact, with the game in J-Ville, I'd even consider putting Tebow in there. Jags 28, Jets 17

Tennessee at Indianapolis--Back to what I said earlier. This Colts' team is clearly the feel-good story of the season, and Andrew Luck is going to be a very high fantasy pick in 2013. Colts 30, Titans 20

San Diego at Pittsburgh--A tough, hard-fought win for Mike Tomlin and Charlie Batch in Baltimore, and I think it's evident what a great coach the Steelers have. And they are tough at home in December no matter who the opponent, but especially when the opponent is a crappy Chargers' team. Steelers 19, Chargers 16

Kansas City at Cleveland--The Chiefs rode an emotional wave on Sunday, and that still may carry them to a win in Cleveland. But this Browns' team is coming to life. Browns 21, Chiefs 17

Baltimore at Washington--Oh, how I want the Skins to lose this game, but they are looking like a serious contender, and Joe Flacco is not good enough to overcome the points RG3 will generate. Redskins 34, Ravens 27

Miami at San Francisco--Suddenly the Niners appear slightly vulnerable. A loss and a tie to the Rams, really? But lucky for them, they get a mediocre AFC team this week, at home. Niners 27, Dolphins 10

Arizona at Seattle--I get a little uncomfortable watching Pete Carroll talking about Russell Wilson's poise, but I will say this--he's not wrong. And you know, at some point Carroll deserves some credit for being a pretty good coach. Seahawks 23, Cardinals 6

New Orleans at NY Giants--Mr. Brees, it's payback time. Giants 37, Saints 34

Detroit at Green Bay--This is gonna be a barn burner, and I bet Cris Collinsworth is readying that goofy smile of his. Packers 45, Lions 38

Houston at New England--One of the best games of the season, and a possible AFC title game preview. Patriots 31, Texans 27

Last Week: 11-5

Season Record: 125-67