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New York Giants vs. Washington Redskins: Five Key Penalties

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Each week we run, at Big Blue View, "Five Key Plays" looking back at the most important plays of the previous game. This week, we're going to look at the five key penalties that cost the Giants the game.

No. 1 -- 1st and 10 from Washington 23, Sean Locklear commits a false start

The Giants had started on their own 10 and gained yardage on every play up the field through a nice mix of runs and passes when they were looking at a 1st and 10 from the Washington 23, when Locklear committed the first penalty of the game. On 1st and 15, Bradshaw ran for no gain, 7 yard pass to Cruz, which made it a 3rd and 8, instead of a third and three. Incomplete pass on third down and Tynes and the Giants settle for a field goal (seems familiar).

No. 2 -- Intentional Grounding Penalty on 1st and 10

The Giants again drove up the field and were looking at a first and ten at the Washington 30 yard line. Eli Manning (what looked to be a miscommunication, or different read between WR and QB) throws a pass short of Rueben Randle causing a 10-yard penalty (spot foul) and a loss of down. What followed on 2nd and 20 was a 9-yard pass to Bradshaw, instead of 3rd and 1, it's a 3rd and 11. A 6-yard pass to Victor Cruz and then a field goal attempt that was missed.

No. 3 -- Giants over-come three penalties to score a touchdown

There was one drive where the Giants were actually able to overcome THREE offensive penalties to score a touchdown. A false start on 3rd and 5 (made it 3rd and 10--30 yard pass to Cruz). Then a 5 yard delay of game penalty to make it 2nd and 16, got a 1st down on a Washington defensive pass interference). And then another 10 yard hold on Sean Locklear from the Washington 28 yard line to make it a 1st and 20 (Eli hit Bennett on a 24 yard pass to get the first down on 2nd and 20). These penalties are just embelmeatic of the Giants making things difficult for themselves.

No. 4 -- Holding on Jim Cordle on a kickoff, nullifying a 49-yard David Wilson return

The Giants were now trailing for the first time in the game after a Kai Forbath field goal. The Giants receiving the ensuing kickoff, there goes David Wilson for a 49-yard return. Huge. Oh, wait, penalty -- another holding call. The ball is brought back to the 8-yard line. The Giants punt the ball away.

No. 5 -- Holding on Will Beatty on 3rd and 10

The Giants needed a scoring drive that ate up the clock, and no one in the league is better than Eli Manning, trailing in the final minutes of a game. 3rd and 10, in a bad situation Eli Manning completes a terrific pass to Martellus Bennett to pick up the first down and put the ball on the Washington 46 yard line. 4:30 minutes left in the game and 30-40 yards to be well within Tynes field goal range. Anyone think the Giants won't get there? No.

Holding Will Beatty, 3rd and 20. Short completion. Punt. Game over.