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New York Giants news and notes: Post-loss edition

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New York Giants notes for Tuesday morning.


We have a race, ladies and gentlemen. Morning links:

Robert Griffin III's arrival rekindles Giants-Redskins rivalry |

Painful as it was to watch, Griffin was fantastic on Monday night. Where does he rank among NFC East QBs?

Giants' Sean Locklear suffers apparent serious knee injury |

This would be a painful loss, if the following is indeed true:

Afterward, coach Tom Coughlin only confirmed a knee injury for Locklear. The vibe in the locker room was that it was a serious one.

Hakeem Nicks injures nose on bloody hit during NY Giants loss to Washington Redskins |

Another "injury" for Nicks, though this one shouldn't be as serious. He was reportedly struggling to talk after the game. Kenny Phillips also played, albeit just for a few plays. Chase Blackburn played through an ankle injury, but admitted "I wasn't able to do some things out there."

Penalties play giant role in loss |

Very uncharacteristic and painful: 9 penalties for 73 yards.