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Giants 42, Eagles 7: 'Kudos & Wet Willies' review

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Our final regular-season 'Kudos & Wet Willies' review of 2012. At least it's a happy one.


The New York Giants ended their 2012 season with a 42-7 throttling of the Philadelphia Eagles. We end 2012 with our final regular season 'Kudos & Wet Willies.' There might eventually be an overall 'K&WW' for the season, but this one will strictly deal with Sunday's performance.

Kudos to ...

Ahmad Bradshaw -- Reached the 1,000-yard milestone for the second time in his career with a 16-carry, 107-yard performance. Also caught a 41-yard pass. Bradshaw remains productive (4.4 yards per carry in 2012), but it will be interesting to see if the Giants want to rely on his troublesome feet going forward.

Reuben Randle -- Four catches, two touchdowns on Sunday. Randle caught 19 passes as a rookie and should have a bright future.

David Wilson -- Fifteen carries Sunday for 75 yards. I would have to ask him to be sure, but I think Wilson comes out of his rookie season knowing that the NFL is not all fun and games, and that you have to earn whatever you get. It says here that Wilson has to be the primary back in 2013.

Eli Manning -- Five touchdown passes Sunday, a career-best for Manning. At least he has a good performance to take into the off-season after what was a sub-par season for the two-time Super Bowl MVP.

Henry Hynoski -- Who really cares about the rest of it, we got to see a Hynoski touchdown on Sunday. And it gave birth to this:

One more thing about Hynoski. The young man is a tremendous fullback.

Stevie Brown -- His interception of Michael Vick Sunday showed, once again, that Brown has to be an integral part of the Giants' defense going forward. Defense in the NFL now is about turnovers, or making plays that change field position. Brown finished second in the league with eight interceptions this season, and added a pair of fumble recoveries. He has a nose for the football the Giants have to take advantage of.

Chase Blackburn -- I still believe the Giants need an upgrade at the middle linebacker spot, but Blackburn did finish the season with a nice game. He had a team-high seven tackles, one for loss, two quarterback hits and a pass defensed.

Justin Tuck -- The Giants talked about playing with pride on Sunday, and you have to give credit to the wounded defensive end for doing that. He had a sack, just his fourth of the season, a tackle for loss and two quarterback hits.

Giants' offensive line -- The Giants averaged 7.3 yards per running play and Manning was sacked only once.

Kenny Phillips -- Played a nice game. He had four tackles and two passes defensed, and his presence does seem give Perry Fewell confidence to be more creative. Yet, I still don't think he returns to the Giants next season.

Wet Willies to ...

Justin Tryon -- Tried to pull a Jason Sehorn by grabbing the game-opening onside kick and running with it. Only he forgot the important part -- catching the ball. Luckily, the Giants' defense bailed him out.