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New York Giants' news and notes: Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks, Kenny Phillips and more

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New York Giants' notes for Saturday -- including Tom Coughlin saying he knows that the injuries to Hakeem Nicks have had an impact on the offense this season.

Hakeem Nicks has been limited by foot and knee injuries this season
Hakeem Nicks has been limited by foot and knee injuries this season

Good morning, New York Giants' fans! Here is your Saturday morning notebook.

Around The Locker Room

Victor Cruz says he does not believe the team needs to make wholesale changes:

"I think we're there. I think we have the core pieces in place here. We just need to sharpen up certain spots on the field, certain things that we've got to sharpen up, whether it's going to get some guys in free agency or during the draft or just sharpen the things up within ourselves. The Giants are always going to be in competition for Super Bowls and for championships. It's just a matter of executing and having the personnel in place to do so."

Around The Inter-Google

Coughlin talks about Hakeem Nicks
"Hakeem is a great competitor. He wants to play every week. He can’t see the side that’s not able to perform the way that he has performed in the past. But the quarterback can and the rest of us can, too, and we’re sitting here and we’re in professional football and we try to do the best we can and he’s trying to do the very best he can. And we’re giving him tremendous credit for what he’s done and the way he’s tried to play each and every week. The fact of the matter is the production is so limited that it’s hurt our overall production. Look at the plays he made last year and how important they were to our success."

Giants' Kenny Phillips calls 2012 a 'long, frustrating season' |
"Going into your last year (of your contract), you want to go out there, make a big splash, and just play as well as you can," Phillips said. "Especially coming off the Super Bowl. You feel good about your chances of repeating, get hurt early and then... Like I said, it’s been real frustrating. You’re on the field, and you’re off the field; you can play this week, you can’t play this week. It’s just been a long season, I’ll put it like that."

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