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Russell Athletic Bowl: Rutgers vs. Virginia Tech NFL Draft Prospect Watch

Khaseem Greene
Khaseem Greene

The New York Giants are likely going to end their season on Sunday, but there is still football to watch. The Giants will likely be picking around 20th overall, and could end up selecting some of these players we've discussed. Check out Friday night's game between Rutgers and Virginia Tech as it has some very quality prospects to watch.

There's also the Meineke Car Care of Texas Bowl when Minnesota will take on Texas Tech. In that game there are two players I would pay attention to Safety Cody Davis and Offensive tackle LaAdrian Weddle. This game is on at 9 p.m. on ESPN.

Russell Athletic Bowl

When: 5:30 p.m.

Where: ESPN

Rutgers vs. Virginia Tech.


Rutgers has some very intriguing talent this year, especially with their underclassmen. The best NFL prospect in this game is wide receiver Brandon Coleman. Coleman is the prototypical top 10 wide receiver type prospect. Coleman is listed at 6-foot-6, 220 pounds and can really run for his size. In a down wide receiver class with a great pre-draft process Coleman could be the first wide receiver selected, even though his numbers were not great this year.

Rutgers also has a very good running back prospect in Jawan Jamison who is an underclassmen and might return to Rutgers. Jamison gets compared to Ray Rice frequently because of his size (5-8, 200 pounds) and versatility.

Khaseem Greene is a really good linebacker prospect for the Scarlet Knights. Greene is a former safety who has led the Big East in tackles the last two seasons. Greene has terrific speed for a linebacker and is an instinctive football player, though he is not the biggest player he has decent length. Greene had a 125 tackles, 10.5 tackles for loss, and 5.5 sacks this year. Greene has an outside shot of being a first-round pick, but looks like a very solid second-round pick.

Rutgers cornerback Logan Ryan is a very physical player who has the New York Giants desired size. Another underclassmen who hasn't yet declared for the draft. Ryan is listed at 6-foot, 190 pounds and looks like a day two pick.

The other prospect who intrigues me on Rutgers is tight end DC Jefferson. Jefferson didn't take the leap forward I was expecting this year, but he has an NFL ready made body at 6-5, 250 pounds. Jefferson looks like the kind of player who could take a big leap forward in the NFL though he looks like a day three pick.

Other players who could be drafted on Rutgers are defensive tackle Scott Valone, and WR Mark Harrison. Harrison is specifically intriguing because of his size (6-3, 230 pounds).

LB Steve Beauharnais, tackle R.J. Dill, and safety Duron Harmon are also guys who could be drafted late or invited to training camps.

[2013 NFL Draft watch notes: Virginia Tech vs. Rutgers highlights Friday's action -]

Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech's best prospect is defensive end James Gayle, though he has yet to declare. Gayle is listed at 6-4, 269 pounds. In the games I've watched he has a good motor and is a guy who will impress in the pre-draft process. Gayle hasn't had a great year, though he's been solid. In another year he could be drafted in early round two, but I think with the depth and talent along the defensive line in this class he's looking like late round two through early round four if he declares.

Linebacker Bruce Taylor is an intriguing prospect. Taylor has solid size at 6-2, 244 pounds and good instincts. He's struggled with injuries to his feet and doesn't have terrific sideline to sideline ability, but he could be a starter at some point in the NFL. He looks like a late round linebacker and immediate special teams contributor right now though.

Wide receiver Marcus Davis is another big bodied pass catcher in this game (there are a ton of them). He's listed at 6-4, 232 pounds. Davis averaged nearly 19 yards per catch this season. Davis has a lot of tangibles, but is not a guy who is considered to have a great work ethic. His teammate Corey Fuller is 6-2 and a 196 pounds. Fuller was a good track athlete at Kansas and though raw in the finer points of the game brings a lot of physical ability -- could be a player who really rises when he gets to showcase his pure physical abilities during the pre-draft process.

The other potential draftable prospect for the Hokies is offensive linemen Nick Becton. There are a few guys who looks like potential training camp guys in:

WR Dryell Roberts

LB Jeron Gouveia-Winslow

OL Vinston Painter.

I'd be remiss not to mention quarterback Logan Thomas, dubbed the next Cam Newton prior to the season. He has been inconsistent at best this year, and often much worse than that. I cannot imagine Thomas declaring for the draft off such a poor year, but he is one of the most talented quarterback prospects in this potential draft class.

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