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Kevin Gilbride stays with the 'we're not making plays' theme

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Offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride, like defensive coordinator Perry Fewell, says the Giants are simply not executing plays that are there to be made.

Rob Carr

The inability of players to make game-changing plays seems to be a theme with New York Giants' coaches these days.

Head coach Tom Coughlin: "We haven’t made any really significant plays."

Defensive coordinator Perry Fewell: "We haven’t made plays. I think if you look at the tape, we’re in position to make plays, and we haven’t made plays." [Full story]

Not be left out, offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride is issuing the same refrain this week:

"We're just not making plays that we've had some opportunities to make, and they're there to be had. Whether it's a misfire of a throw, or pressure on the quarterback," Gilbride said. "t's just, there's no consistency ... there are too many failed opportunities to get the drive going, get the momentum started."

As Coughlin has also said, it might take the off-season to solve the puzzle of where the big plays went. At least, though, the coaching staff is consistent in its message, for whatever that is worth.