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Who is your choice for NFL Offensive MVP?

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Adrian Peterson
Adrian Peterson
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

This week's question for the Gillette 'No Debate' sponsored post is 'Who is this year's offensive MVP and why?'

My vote goes to Minnesota Vikings' running back Adrian Peterson. To be honest, I really didn't even have to think twice about it.

[2013 SB Nation NFL Awards -]

There is a great argument to be made why Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning should win this award, but I'm going with Peterson, who also garnered this award in a vote of SB Nation football writers. A year after a devastating knee injury Peterson is 102 yards short of 2,000 on the season and 207 yards away from tying the famed Eric Dickerson's NFL single-season rushing record. Doing that on a surgically-repaired knee, and with a team that has a mediocre quarterback (Christian Ponder) and has its best receiver (Percy Harvin) out of action is amazing.

Let's go in a different reaction, though.

Who is the New York Giants' offensive MVP? That is a difficult question, I think. I always put quarterback Eli Manning atop our weekly roster power rankings. He is the most important player the Giants have, but by his standards this has not been a good season. There really isn't one Giant who has had a career year.

I would have to go with Victor Cruz, who has 82 receptions to equal his total from last season. Symptomatic of the lack of big plays for the Giants, Cruz average yards per catch has dropped from 18.7 a season to 12.7 this year and his total yardage from a franchise record 1,536 to 1,040. Still good, but not amazing.

Look at the Giants' offense, though, and no one has had a better season than Cruz.