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2013 Pro Bowl Snubs: New York Giants don't have any

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The New York Giants have three players going to the 2013 Pro Bowl, and that is more than fair.

Eli Manning
Eli Manning
Rob Carr

Each year when the Pro Bowl rosters are announced the first thing you do is check to see which players from your favorite team make the squad. The second thing you do is go through which players from your favorite team DID NOT make the roster.

In the case of the 2012 New York Giants there are exactly ZERO Pro Bowl snubs. Jason Pierre-Paul, Victor Cruz and Chris will represent the Giants, and you can truthfully argue about whether or not all three -- especially Snee -- are deserving.

Snubs? Not on this year's Giants' team.

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At the midway point of the season I would have argued that placekicker Lawrence Tynes, a first alternate, should have been the choice. Tynes, though, has missed too many makeable kicks down the stretch.

Eli Manning? Not a chance.

Hakeem Nicks? Ahmad Bradshaw? Anyone else on the offense. No, no and no.

Antrel Rolle? No.

Anyone else on the defense? Not even close.

David Wilson as a kick returner? He had a nice year, but there were lots of guys who bettered Wilson's average of 26.9 yards per return.

It really is pretty much impossible to argue that this year's selections are not fair to the Giants.