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New York Giants Tom Coughlin focuses on Sunday, not the future

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While it seems like 'wait 'til next year' for the New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin is not willing to begin discussing that just yet.


The New York Giants still have a slim chance to make the playoffs if they defeat the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. In many quarters, however, the focus has already turned to what changes the Giants need to make to improve upon what has been a disappointing season.

Head coach Tom Coughlin is not in off-season mode yet, however, and he isn't ready to entertain any questions about the future -- at least the future beyond Sunday.

"My concern is that our team plays well in the 16th game of the year for us. That's my concern. I would like to see our team play an outstanding football game, a game in which the execution of our team is significantly better than what we've seen over the last couple of weeks," Coughlin said. "The answers to all of the speculative questions you want to ask, maybe they'll come at some point, but they're not going to be answered now."

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In other words, Coughlin wants to see the defending champs play like champs, not like the chumps they have looked like much of the second half of the season as they have lost five of seven to implode a once-promising season.

"The football has not been what we expected it to be," Coughlin said. "I’m calling it execution; perhaps I had a bad choice of words. That’s what I talked to our team about this morning, was pride, honor, dignity. Play the game the way we’re capable of playing the game. Finish this season with a game we can all be proud of."

Truth is, no matter how the Giants play Sunday your are liable to leave MetLife Stadium or walk away from your TV set muttering or shaking your head. If they play well, play the kind of football Coughlin and the Giants can be proud of, you will wonder why they didn't do that more often in 2012. If they put up a stinker similar to what they have done the past two weeks you will wonder how a defending Super Bowl champ could fall so far so fast.