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New York Giants vs. Baltimore Ravens: Five key plays

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Rob Carr

Well, that was another embarrassing loss that essentially ended the New York Giants playoff hopes. The Giants can still make the playoffs, provided that the Vikings lose to the Packers (seems likely to happen), the Cowboys lose to the Redskins (could certainly happen), the Bears lose to the Lions (least likely to happen), and the Giants figure out how to beat the Eagles, oh and by the way for the first time in a long time the Eagles will have Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy playing together Sunday.

Let's take a look back at the five key plays from Sunday's embarrassment and whatever else strikes my fancy.

No. 1 A failed 3rd and 2 conversion on the first drive on a direct snap to Bradshaw

The Giants needed to come out and strong and make a statement, instead they went three and out on another failed 3rd and short run.

No. 2 The fumble-non fumble

The Giants haven't made an impact play in weeks on defense and it appeared they had when Corey Webster looked like he had caused a fumble on a Jacoby Jones play (after another third down conversion), but the play was reversed on the replay review, and predictably Torrey Smith beat Webster for a touchdown three plays later (another 3rd down conversion giving the 4 3rd down conversions on the drive.

No. 3 Chris Snee commits a false start penalty on third down

I can not remember a season when the Giants have had so many costly offensive penalties as this year, starting with the Ramses Barden offensive pass interference against the Eagles all the way through now. Every single week there are numerous costly drive stalling penalties, especially in the Red-Zone. This play was just indicitive of how the Giants have gotten in their own way early in games for essentially the last month.

No. 4 Torrey Smith 43-yard reception that leads to a touchdown

Corey Webster and the Giants defense makes Joe Flacco look like Joe Montana in this game. Flacco was playing terrible football for what feels like two months, but of course the Giants make him look like a Hall of Famer. Dont' be surprised when the Falcons look inept this weekend. That's how bad the Giants defense has been. 14-0

No. 5 Ray Rice 27 yard touchdown reception

David Wilson had a very nice touchdown run that was so exhausting he decided to sit on the bench the rest of the game. Ray Rice followed that up a little bit later (after a field goal) with this dagger. 24-7. Game over.

NFL Draft Order

If the season ended today the Giants would be drafting 19th, because the Giants have a strong strength of schedule it is likely that any team that ends up with the same record as they do will select before them (except the Vikings, actually, but the Vikings are already ahead of them and the Rams). A win and the Giants could make the playoffs, but if not they are likely drafting 20, or 21st. If the Giants lose they it looks like they high as they could get is 17th in the draft.

Basically, you might as well root for the Giants to win on Sunday against the Eagles because losing is not going to significantly impact draft status because of their strong strength of schedule, they can not end up picking sooner than any team that is currently below them other than the Rams (if the Rams win) or Cowboys (if they win they are in the playoffs).

Eli Manning and 4,000 yards

Eli Manning has thrown for 4,000 yards three years in a row, but that is in jeopardy this year. I know four straight years of 4,000 or more yards doesn't sound that impressive, but that is something that Tom Brady has never done, or Aaron Rodgers has ever done. Eli Manning needs 260 yards passing to reach that milestone on Sunday, the Eagles were historically bad against the pass over a six-game stretch recently, we'll see if Eli can get it done.

We'll have plenty of how to fix the Giants posts after the season, but I'll just hold out hope and see what can happen.