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Giants vs. Eagles: Both teams due for some changes

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The Giants meet the Eagles in the regular-season finale Sunday. How much different will both disappointing teams look next season?

Andy Reid
Andy Reid
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

We have talked a little bit already about the changes that could come to the New York Giants following this unnfilfilling season. The team the Giants will face on Sunday, however, is a team that will likely undergo even more massive changes than anything the Giants may experience.

The Philadelphia Eagles come to MetLife Stadium Sunday with a 4-11 record, having suffered through a catastrophically awful season -- the second straight without a playoff berth -- after collecting a ton of high-priced talent that gave the franchise and its fan base Super Bowl hopes.

Andy Reid is likely coaching his last game in Philadelphia after 14 seasons. The whispers about possible replacements for Reid have already begun.

Michael Vick will start at quarterback Sunday for the Eagles, but it will almost certainly be his swan song in Philly. He lost his job to rookie Nick Foles and is only playing because Foles has a broken hand. Is Foles the quarterback of the future in Philly? Bleeding Green Nation is debating that question this week.

Juan Castillo was fired as Eagles' defensive coordinator mid-season, replaced by Todd Bowles. High-priced defensive end Jason Babin was released so the Eagles could get a better look at their young defensive linemen.

Some veteran Giants could be shown the door after this season. The changes that have already begun in Philly will, however, almost certainly be more drastic.

The Giants and Eagles have largely been the standard bearers in the NFC East during the Tom Coughlin era with the Giants. The Dallas Cowboys, and now the Washington Redskins, have mostly been inter-lopers in an often bitter fight for supremacy between New York and Philly.

The Eagles-Giants rivalry is certain to continue regardless of changes to personnel or coaching staffs. Sunday, though, will be the last time it will look like what we have become familiar with the past few seasons.