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New York Giants' news and notes: An era coming to an end?

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New York Giants news and notes for Wednesday morning.

Could Justin Tuck's time with the Giants be ending?
Could Justin Tuck's time with the Giants be ending?

Good morning, New York Giants' fans! I hope everyone had a great Christmas Day and remembered that football is a game and whether the Giants win or lose, whether they are good or bad, simply can't be the most important thing in your life. It stinks that this season has basically imploded, but it's not the worst thing to ever happen.

With that little lecture out of the way, here is today's look around the Inter-Google for Giants-related news.

NY Giants' mainstays Osi Umenyiora, Justin Tuck, Corey Webster and David Diehl may be on their way out in 2013 - NY Daily News
Osi Umenyiora takes it for granted he will be gone. Will the Giants be willing to pay Justin Tuck $4 million next year when injuries have turned him into a declining player with just three sacks? Can the Giants possibly justify paying Corey Webster, who’s had a terrible season, the $7 million he is owed in the final year of his five-year, $43 million contract? David Diehl, tied with Umenyiora as the longest-tenured Giant with 10 years of service, could be gone. Ahmad Bradshaw is a productive player the few times a year he is healthy, but his foot and knee problems make him too unreliable to be the No. 1 back.

Valentine's View: We will talk in much more detail about all of these players, but you can make a solid case for why each of them could see their Giants' tenures come to an end after Sunday's game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jason Pierre-Paul unhappy with New York Giants' play -
"Guys have just got to find their hearts and rise to the occasion, which we're not doing," Pierre-Paul said. "We're iffy, man, and I don't like that."

Stapleton: Giants just didn't stay hungry this season -
Everyone always points to league parity, which is fine, but I think the reason comes from within: just how hungry were these Giants to make the climb again?

And it’s only natural, considering the circumstances. This is the unspoken part of a Super Bowl hangover, the satisfaction of having been there before.

Stick a fork in them: 2012 New York Giants -
The New York Giants remain an all-or-nothing team. You don't know what you'll get week by week or season by season. But you won't see another Super Bowl title out of them this season.

Vick motivated to play hard in finale - Yahoo! Sports
"I think that's big to go out and show I'm back, I'm strong, I'm healed and I'm healthy, and that regardless of the circumstances I'm willing to fight for my football team," he told Birds 24/7. "It's been a rough year, and I appreciate everything that's happened. Regardless of what the outcome could be, it's important for us to finish strong."

Giants Focus on Playoffs Chance, but Talk of Off-Season Changes -

Washington trying to follow Blue-print -

Mario Manningham injury update: Schefter reporting ACL, PCL tears - Niners Nation

New York Giants’ Defensive Tackle Canty Suffers Sprained MCL " CBS New York