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The Gillette 'No Debate' Question Of The Week

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Tom Coughlin
Tom Coughlin
Kevin C. Cox

This week's Gillette 'No Debate' sponsored post question is 'Which coach would you be more comfortable with leading your team in to the playoffs, and why?'

I have to be honest here. I don't know if the parameters of that question is supposed to include just present coaches, past coaches, a certain list of coaches, or exactly what.

I will just say this. Personally I have full confidence in coach Tom Coughlin as he tries to lead the New York Giants. It mystifies me -- and I believe Coughlin, as well -- how his teams hit these tremendous valleys each season. Yet, two Super Bowl titles in his first eight years has to give you confidence that he knows what he is doing.

I believe that a lot of these valleys are on the players -- not the coach whose methods and message never really vary.

Anyway, go ahead and offer your thoughts.

You can also weigh in on this topic on the Gillette No Debate Facebook page.