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NFL Week 16 Predictions: Mikey's Crystal Ball

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Mikey took a nosedive last week--though not quite as bad as the Giants did

Greetings fellow NFL fans. The playoff races are heating up and some of them will be closer to being finalized on Sunday. But many will carry into Week 17, making Roger Goodell and all of us happy. Unless of course, our Giants fail to reach the dance. And that would suck. But hey, they have to play the games, so let's pick 'em......

Atlanta at Detroit--This one is oddly difficult to pick. On the one hand, the Falcons need a win to wrap up home field. On the other hand, the Lions are 4-10 and only 2-4 at home, but they are far too talented to be 4-10. I guess I'll go with popular opinion on this one. Falcons 31, Lions 27

Minnesota at Houston--How about this one? It's championship week in most fantasy leagues, and this game pits arguably the two best running backs in the game in Adrian Peterson and Arian Foster. And by the way, Peterson is the MVP. He just has to be. Texans 27, Vikings 21

St. Louis at Tampa Bay--I am predicting that there will be at least one bench-clearing brawl in this one. You have the chippy Jeff Fisher Rams against the hit-em-until-the-whistle-blows Greg Schiano Bucs. Get your popcorn ready! Bucs 19, Rams 16

Washington at Philadelphia--The fact that we Giants fans will root for the Eagles here proves one thing--the end of the world really is coming on Friday. Redskins 34, Eagles 17

Dallas at New Orleans--WHO DAT gonna beat dem Saints? Jerra's boys gonna beat dem Saints. Cowboys 37, Saints 34

Indianapolis at Kansas City--I don't know what the exact scenarios are, but I'm confident the Colts are going to the playoffs. Colts 23, Chiefs 10

New England at Jacksonville--With a chance for a first-round bye, there is no way the hoodie will let his team choke in Jacksonville against a team that is 1-6 at home. Patriots 40, Jaguars 17

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh--Smash-mouth AFC North football with playoff berths on the line. I'm in. Steelers 20, Bengals 17

Buffalo at Miami--Yawn. Bills 23, Dolphins 19

Oakland at Carolina--You gotta love that one of the Panthers predicted a Super Bowl title before the season began, taking out a full-page ad in the Charlotte Observer to guarantee it. It's nice to be confident, but not cool to be a dumbass. Panthers 28, Raiders 17

Tennessee at Green Bay--Remember that Packers/Seahawks game in which the replacement ref handed Pete Carroll a W? That feels like it was ten years ago, and the Pack has gone from 1-2 then to 10-4 and a division crown today. Packers 35, Titans 20

San Diego at NY Jets--Unfortunately for you Jets' fans, Rex made the move to bench Sanchez about fourteen games too late. Chargers 19, Jets 16

Cleveland at Denver--Cleveland, you may want to cover your eyes when they start playing those clips of The Fumble and The Drive. Broncos 24, Browns 16

Chicago at Arizona--I can't wait to hear Ken Whisenhunt say, "The Bears are who we THOUGHT they were. And we let 'em off the hook!" Bears 23, Cardinals 10

NY Giants at Baltimore--This is when the Giants respond--when their backs are against the wall. Of course, we all know that this could just as easily be a 2009-like Week 16 implosion. Giants 23, Ravens 20

San Francisco at Seattle--Amazingly, this could be the game of the year. The Niners are peaking, and Seattle is 6-0 at home and peaking even more than the NIners. Hot freaking damn. Seahawks 17, Niners 16

Last Week: 8-8

Season Record: 144-80