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Tom Coughlin: Ahmad Bradshaw will be 'medical decision'


Ahmad Bradshaw said Monday that he was planning on playing Sunday for the New York Giants in their must-win game against the Baltimore Ravens. On Wednesday, head coach Tom Coughlin put the brakes on the running back's certainty he would be ready.

"We'd all love to have him play, but it will be a medical decision, it's not going to be mine" said Coughlin. "Although he wants to play as badly as he can, if the doctors feel he can play without hurting himself, then I think that very well could be the case. If the doctors don't think that's possible, then they'll make the decision."

Bradshaw missed Sunday's game with a knee sprain, and the Giants missed the toughness and attitude Bradshaw brings to the game.

"When he plays, he plays with fire. He plays with determination. He's focused. He's extremely physical. He takes great pride in that aspect of the game," Coughlin said. "For him, he takes great pride in defying what anyone says he can't do."

Coughlin did say that safety Kenny Phillips should be "rested and ready to contribute" on Sunday.