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Tom Coughlin praises Victor Cruz for Newtown trip

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Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Coughlin said Wednesday that he was incredibly proud of New York Giants' wide receiver Victor Cruz for spending time this week with the family of 6-year-old Jack Pinto, one of the victims of the mass killings in Newtown, Mass. last week.

"That family will remember that all their days. Hopefully, at least some of their grief may temporarily be spent in being able to embrace Victor Cruz," Coughlin said. "The fact that he went and did that speaks volumes about what he has in him, inside."

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Amy K. Nelson of SB Nation went to Newtown on Monday and has a touching report on how sports, in particular the refuge of a local sports complex, is helping children escape from the horrors of what happened there.

The video is below. Divert yourself from worrying about the Giants long enough to watch the video, and also go read Amy's full report from Newtown.