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New York Giants: 'Better with our backs against the wall' winner is Ahmad Bradshaw

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Ahmad Bradshaw
Ahmad Bradshaw

Well, that didn't take long. Earlier today I wrote that we would hear a lot of talk this week from the New York Giants "about pride, about being better when they are backed into a corner, about still controlling their own destiny, about needing to give a better effort than they gave on Sunday."

Well, running back Ahmad Bradshaw didn't disappoint. Bradshaw delivered the money quote Monday in the very first interview transcript to be posted on, one that I'm sure will be available to Big Blue View in its entirety a bit later.

"Just right now we’re inconsistent and it’s just something we've got to work on. We play better with our backs up against the wall and the playoffs start now," Bradshaw said Monday.

That is the same tired, predictable refrain we have heard from the Giants every regular season for the past four years now. Yes, things worked out fine and dandy last season.Aren't we tired of hearing it, and watching it, though? And aren't Giants' players tired of saying it, and living it?

Reality is that Ernie Palladino, writing for WFAN, is absolutely correct when he writes that no Giants' fan should be stunned by what happened Sunday:

The question Giants fans must ask themselves is this: Is it all that surprising? Anyone who has paid any attention at all to the Tom Coughlin era knows that for all the Vince Lombardi and Super Bowl MVP hardware in the trophy case, the Giants have never been good with prosperity, never done it the easy way. So, is it any real shock that they blew things sky high to Matt Ryan and a squad absolutely nobody will believe in past the divisional playoff round, in a stadium where they have traditionally succeeded?

Nothing, whether it be good or bad, is ever really a shock with the New York Giants. So, don't be surprised by anything that happens the next two weeks -- or in the playoffs, if the Giants get that far.

I won't be.