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New York Giants' News and Notes, 12/15/12: David Wilson done with back flip celebrations

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Happy Saturday, New York Giants' fans! Here is today's notebook as the Giants prepare for the Atlanta Falcons tomorrow afternoon. Aparently David Wilson is done with backflips?


David Wilson Done with Backflips
Wilson is reportedly done with the back flip celebration. Do you think the public debate has gone too far?

Temple expected to name New York Giants' Matt Rhule head coach
CBS Sports
Temple is looking at the Giants' assistent offensive line coach to be their new head coach, and it looks like it will likely happen

Gilbride on Wilson, Bradshaw, and Lumpkin
Offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride was hoping Ahmad Bradshaw could play Sunday and would like to see David Wilson do some things better. See what he has to say.

Victor Cruz: New York Giants best backed against the wall
NFL News
Cruz says the Giants are right where they want to a tight race for the playoffs

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