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Fantasy Football Pick 6: Get signed up for this week

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So, yours truly has to brag -- just a little bit -- this week. My team placed second in last week's Big Blue View SB Nation Fantasy Football Pick 6 game.

I scored 80.4 points in the latest content, getting edged out only by somebody with the user name 'jhMLB,' who totaled 88.7 points. Undoubtedly that was my best week -- helped by having Eli Manning as my quarterback. Of course, we had only 20 players in our little game this week. So, hustle up and get signed up for this week.

Meanwhile, over in the 'Big Blue Wrecking Crew' league at Yahoo! Fantasy Sports 'The Editors' team run by Mike Farley and myself -- really almost exclusively by Mike -- is 9-3-1, won its division and is headed to the league semifinals this week. Congrats mostly to Mike for putting together a good squad, and thanks to him as well for running that league.