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NFL Week 15 Predictions: Mikey's Crystal Ball

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Mikey continues his torrid pace of picking games (okay, maybe not torrid...maybe awesome....yeah, that's it)

Greetings fellow NFL fans. When it gets toward Christmas, you know and feel that the NFL season is nearing a painful conclusion. The games are usually the best of the season, the playoff scenarios ping-pong all over the place, and the playoff games are even better. But of course, there is the letdown of February and March and beyond. But hey, let's not talk about that inevitability. Let's pick some games, yo!

Cincinnati at Philadelphia--Andy Reid is a lame walrus...I mean duck. But wouldn't it be interesting if he wins out to finish 7-9? Nah, not really. But I think his surging Eagles win this one. Eagles 27, Bengals 24

Indianapolis at Houston--Do you guys realize that with the Colts playing two out of the last three games against Houston, they could win the AFC South when the Texans winning it seemed like a foregone conclusion? You know who's happy about that? Arian Foster's fantasy owners. Texans 30, Colts 24

Denver at Baltimore--Here's what I like here. Peyton gets to tell Eli things about the Ravens. Of course, he will have been beat down by them, but still. Ravens 24, Broncos 23

Jacksonville at Miami--I wanna pick the Jaguars, but I am seeing Reggie Bush in the crystal ball scoring a few touchdowns. Dolphins 24, Jaguars 10

Washington at Cleveland--Amazingly, this is actually a compelling game. Here we go Brownies, here we go! Oh yeah, wait, there's that RG3 thing. Redskins 27, Browns 21

Minnesota at St. Louis--Repeat after me--the Rams and the Vikings are playing a December game with playoff implications. I know, you can't say it, can you? Rams 19, Vikings 16

Tampa Bay at New Orleans--Drew Brees rebounds, but can their D stop Doug Martin and Josh Freeman? Saints 37, Bucs 34

NY Giants at Atlanta--Since 2007, the Falcons are 32-6 at home, an .842 winning percentage, including 6-0 this season. Holy crap. But hey, we are the Super Bowl champs and annihilated these guys last year. Giants 26, Falcons 24

Green Bay at Chicago--Damn, there are so many great games going on at the same time as the Giants' game. Packers 20, Bears 19

Seattle vs. Buffalo at Toronto--Seahawks look good, eh? This Molson tastes good, eh? Seahawks 17, Bills 13

Carolina at San Diego--Blah. Just blah. Chargers 30, Panthers 24

Detroit at Arizona--Seriously, they can't throw us a bone in the 4pm slot? Lions 37, Cardinals 20

Kansas City at Oakland--These two teams have the worst point differential in the NFL-- minus 157 and minus 154, respectively. And this game has the worst watch-ability rating, respectively. Raiders 28, Chiefs 21

Pittsburgh at Dallas--Conjuring up memories of Terry Bradshaw and Roger Staubach battling it out in Super Bowls past, we give to you Big Ben and Tony Romo in the one bone the NFL gives us in the late game spot. Steelers 24, Cowboys19

San Francisco at New England--The Pats are practically unbeatable in December and January--and if anyone can devise ways to score against the Niners, it's Brady and Belichick. Patriots 30, Niners 17

NY Jets at Tennesee--Really, MNF? After an awesome Sunday night match up, we get this Monday night clunker. Titans 19, Jets16

Last week: 11-5

Season record: 136-72