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POLL: Should Giants bring Brandon Jacobs back?

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Brandon Jacobs' unhappy tenure in San Francisco has ended with the news the team has suspended him for the season. Jacobs reportedly wants to return to the New York Giants. Should the Giants want him back?

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Brandon Jacobs has been suspended for the season by the San Francisco 49ers. The outspoken former New York Giants' running back reportedly says the Giants are the only team he is willing to play for.

So that leads to the obvious question, Giants' fans. Do you want him back with the Giants?

The Giants are thin at running back right now, especially if the results of the MRI Ahmad Bradshaw had on his left knee Monday provide bad news. Bradshaw, as you know, is already dealing with another in a long line of the foot injuries that have plagued him throughout his career.

David Wilson had his best game Sunday against the New Orleans Saints, but behind him the Giants have only free-agent signees Kregg Lumpkin and Ryan Torain.

Looking purely at the depth chart Jacobs might be a better option than Lumpkin or Torain. There are really two questions. First, how much does he have left? More importantly, do the Giants really want to deal with him?

Giants' fans -- and the Giants themselves -- know the deal with Jacobs all too well. As the 49ers have learned -- and should have understood before signing him -- Jacobs is an angry sort who simply doesn't handle it well when he doesn't get his way, or get to be a critical part of the offense. There is one other thing we know about Jacobs -- when he gets his head straight and turns all that anger toward opposing defenses he can still be an effective, punishing runner. At least he could a season ago.

Jacobs has only five carries this season for seven yards and said recently that he was "rotting away" with the 49ers. He had 571 yards on 152 carries (3.8 yards per carry) last season for the Giants.

The 49ers and their fans certainly won't miss Jacobs, a fact that was expressed candidly by SB Nation's 49ers web site, Niners Nation:

So the San Francisco 49ers are moving on without running back Brandon Jacobs. I'm really glad that we can finally get past this. I mean, Jacobs knew what he was getting into, and then he looked absolutely awful when he got a chance to carry the ball. He's also not a team player in any way and all I can think of when I think of him is whining, whining and more whining.

In other words, good riddance, Brandon Jacobs.

Would you take him back, Giants' fans? Vote in the poll.