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Farley's Football Fodder: Fireman Ed, Hall Nominees and More Groin Stomping

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It's that time of the week when Mike Farley has fun with you guys at the expense of the NFL and its teams and players

Week 13. I don't think I have to remind you guys that there are fourteen games on Sunday. And everything you read these days is about who is rounding into playoff form (or not), who is being suspended or fined, how the NFL draft and/or Hall of Fame classes of 2013 are shaping up, and how Ndamukong Suh is stomping on some quarterback's body parts. Yeah, it's smash mouth time, when football gets more physical just as the weather starts getting really cold and you can almost feel the hits you're watching on TV. Okay, let's see what is happening this week....

I'm not sure what to think about Fireman Ed going home. On the one hand, it's kind of a dumb concept--a superfan with a fireman's helmet with a plane on top. On the other hand, that guy is an icon and Jets' fans became Eagles/Raiders fans on him. Everything short of throwing batteries. But quitting in the middle of the season? That surely can't mirror what his team has done, can it? Well, when you have a lot of blabbering mouths that can't back their play up, a quarterback who runs into his lineman's a**, and your quarterback choices are between a pile of crap and a crap sandwich....well, how do you not pack it in?

Michael Strahan, Bill Parcells and George Young are all semi-finalists for the Hall in 2013. I thought Parcells and Strahan were slam dunks until I remembered Parcells' snub last year, and many of you debated on this post about whether or not either or both would be passed over again. I'm being selfish when I say I told my wife that when Strahan gets inducted, we're going to Canton, and I wanna go this coming year. And while it is a very stacked class of nominees, I do think both get in this year.

What is with the foot to head and foot to groin stomping? Man, these guys need to chill out. And now Ndamukong Suh, who was fined for that groin stomp of Matt Schaub on Thanksgiving, was also cited for driving really fast on a suburban street.

You'd think these guys were taking substances to make them do these things. Well, then there is this. According to Bears' receiver Brandon Marshall, some players take Viagra to give them an edge by thinning their blood. Um, doesn't the blood all go to, you know, the schlong? My first thought was, how do you run, and/or how do you (covers groin) get tackled? Owww. These are the things my demented mind thinks about, but I bet I'm not alone.

Articles like this just warm my heart this holiday season. The Eagles' secondary could be the worst in NFL history? Nothing like full-on implosion, and boy, how is that D-coordinator change going, Mr. Reid?

The Bears are playing really well this year, but can they beat the Packers when it counts? As an NFL fan, I want to see that rivalry be awesome down the playoff stretch.

All four division leaders in the AFC can clinch playoff spots this weekend. And the Falcons (11-1) have all but wrapped up the top seed in the NFC, something that no one should take lightly because that team is lethal at home. I'm really interested to see how the Giants fare against them there in a few weeks.

I look at this set of odds for who is primed to win it all, and there is one team noticeably absent--the New York Football Giants. In other words, we've got them right where we want them--again.

Hey, for those Jets' fans who chided Fireman Ed and maybe got ejected from the stadium, you may have to take an anger management course before you can return to your seat. Man, shouldn't guys like Suh take that class before fans?

Someone should buy this book for Victor Cruz.

It's always entertaining to read about Cortland Finnegan, and I love that Jeff Fisher brought "the gnat" to St. Louis. Fisher loves chippy play, and Finnegan is Mr. Chippy.

Do you guys notice anyone missing from this list of potential head coaches in 2013? Maybe the writer had just watched the Giants/Bengals game. And no, I'm not talking about Tom Quinn.

I can't read something like this and not think about a certain family that lives at 1313 Mockingbird Lane. I mean, Munster, Indiana? Seriously?

Have a great weekend fellas, and enjoy the full slate of games!