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Chase Blackburn, 11.09.12

Q: How is it going to feel going back to Cincinnati?
A: It's going to be nice to go back to the great state and enjoy it a little bit and have the family there to see them after the game and hopefully it will be a win that I can celebrate with them after the game.

Q: Everything has responded well during the week?
A: Yeah. I've continued to push myself harder. They allowed me to do more things throughout the week and I haven't had any setbacks. So I'm continuing to get stronger and hopefully I'll just continue along that path with this day off tomorrow.

Q: You wouldn't be compromised at all?
A: Whatever they tell me. I'm sure they'll give me whatever guidelines or.... I don't know if they have a snap count or situation. I'm going to try and push it as far as I can go, so hopefully they'll let me do everything I like to.

Q: What was the final litmus test that made the coach say you were going to go?
A: Being able to practice, I think. I was out there doing a normal practice. I looked well on film. I looked at myself yesterday on film and today I'm getting ready to look at it and I feel like I moved pretty well and didn't seem to have any limitations. The pain wasn't there today when I came back, so I think all that together combined is what really allowed me to make him to say okay.

Q: The run defense will pick up?

A: I hope so. We've all got to play better. Obviously, we can't give up that kind of yardage in the run like we did last week. Hopefully we'll just continue to grow as a defense and trust each other and make the plays that we're able to make. We had too many missed tackles last week.