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Tom Coughlin, 11.09.12

A: Good afternoon. Beautiful looking day, wasn't it? We would've loved to be outside.

Q: Why did you stay in?
A: It's too wet. Why would we go out there and fall down and slip and fall.

Q: How much was Chris Snee able to do today?
A: He did some. He did a little bit, enough to call him limited. We'll see. He feels better, but I think we'll see in another couple days.

Q: Keith Rivers?
A: He worked. He's been working right through it.

Q: Will all the questionable guys travel no matter what?
A: Well, we'll see about that. If they're questionable, they'll travel, yeah, sure.

Q: Has Bradshaw's status changed in terms of one practice per week?
A: No. That's what he can do.

Q: Decision on Will Hill?
A: Not yet.

Q: Michael Coe said he would probably see a doctor:
A: Nothing that I can tell you about.

Q: What are the challenges to facing such an uncommon team like Cincinnati?
A: Well, we haven't played them in a while, since 2008. That's part of it. I think just getting to familiarize yourself with an opponent...We do know the division and how the teams are built in the division. This will be our third opportunity to play against those type teams. This team has a little different flair in terms of the way they operate. We've studied them, we've worked at it. We haven't played them in a while. We need to win a game. Our focus has been good; our energy has been good.

Q: If Snee can't go, does Diehl move to guard?

A: We'll see about that.
Q: Thoughts on Veteran's Day:

A: Our thoughts are always to honor the military. We did that last Sunday; we'll do it this entire month. We recognize and honor those men and women who serve our country and allow for us to live under the blanket of freedom. We can't do enough for them.

Q: How did Chase Blackburn look this week?

A: He did well. Practiced the last two days and practiced well.

Q: Chris Canty?
A: Same.

Q: How important is getting this win before the bye week?
A: It's important to win. Every game is a critical game in your schedule. It doesn't matter whether there's a bye coming or what it is. It's important to win and to focus and play well. That's what our point has been all week.