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Chris Snee, 11.09.12

Q: How did you get injured?
A: First quarter, I got rolled pretty good. It's one of those things where I wasn't going to come out of the game and I just tried to push through it.

Q: That seems to be your mentality about playing.
A: I never take myself off, so it's got to be a pretty serious thing and I've gotten to rest some this week and do some rehab and I feel better every day.

Q: What do you think for Sunday?
A: I'd love to be out there, but that's a decision we haven't made yet and you could talk to the head guy.

Q: Is it one of those things where you have to see how you move around tomorrow?
A: Yeah. Every day is an improvement. So I'm hoping that two more days I'll be able to do some things out there.

Q: Does having a week off afterwards factor into what the decision is?
A: I don't know. All I know is I felt better every day and having two more days is a good thing and I'm just being positive about it.

Q: How much of your input do you think the coach and the doctors will allow being made into the decision?
A: I've been around long enough where I'm pretty sure they trust my word and I'll be honest with them and tell them how I feel and I have been so far.

Q: Are you a bad patient? Ronnie was saying you're a pain to deal with.
A: I just don't like to be in there, so maybe that's the reason why he says that. I don't like to be out. I don't like to miss practice. I don't like to be in there. I don't like to miss things with my teammates, so that's probably why I'm not the happiest camper in there, which is a good thing.

Q: When you're not practicing early in the week, are you starting to think Sundays are pretty much a long shot?
A: No, that's one of those things where I've had things before where I've had to sit out practices, but the good thing is I know everything we're doing and missing a couple of reps is not the worst thing, in my opinion.