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Perry Fewell, 11.08.12

Q: What was it like Monday in the meeting room after the Steelers game?
A: Anytime you lose a football game and you felt like you should've won a football game, it's not a good mood. We made corrections as we always do. We saw the mistakes that we made. The mood was, we let a football game get away.

Q: Were you angry?
A: I'm always angry after a loss. I'm not happy.

Q: Were they able to sense your anger that day?

A: As a unit, I think we're able to sense that we let a football game get away that we should've won. We made mistakes in the football game that are correctable mistakes that shouldn't really have happened and we let a football game get away. I think we all felt responsible for that loss.

Q: Coach Coughlin called the run-defense "soft," what were your impressions?

A: I thought that we didn't shed well and we didn't tackle well. That was my impression of how we played. We could've tackled a hell of a lot better. We could've shed a hell of a lot better in that football game to make some football plays.

Q: What have you observed in practice and in the meeting rooms?
A: We've had great energy. We've had good focus. Our guys want to win a football game, bottom line. They're professional, they know how to take criticism and they want to improve their performance.

Q: A.J. Green said that there were holes in your defense, what are your thoughts?
A: There's holes in every defense and there's holes in every offense. That's why you coach. That's why you play, to correct the mistakes that you make and you go out and try to win a football game.

Q: Are you surprised a receiver like that would say something like that?
A: You know, I really don't listen to a lot of the comments that guys like that make, because talk is cheap, you play the game.

Q: He praised your defensive line, but said that about your secondary. Do you think your secondary has holes?
A: I think that we've showed lapses in play. I think there's holes in every defense. I think that if you're a good offense, you'll exploit what the defense gives you. All that says to me and says to our players is that we need to play better.

Q: What kind of challenge does A.J. Green present?
A: We're faced with guys, not only quarterbacks, but receivers who are at the top of their game in the National Football League. The talent level is unbelievable. He is a very good talent. He will be quite a challenge for us to hold down in the secondary.

Q: When someone says something like that, does your secondary get a little bit more amped to play them?
A: You have to ask the players that. I think they get tuned up to play on Sunday, period, whether a guy says something or not. I think they get riled up to play. We build up during the course of the week to play a football game and win a football game, so whether a comment like that adds something...I think after that first hit, or after that initial rundown on the kickoff, all that stuff goes out the window. I don't think it really means anything.

Q: Thoughts on BenJarvus Green-Ellis and is he like Isaac Redman?
A: No, he's a hard runner. He's a different style runner. Redman is a big back, a bull. Ellis, he can hit the hole, he can sprint and get away from you. The offense is somewhat similar, but the back is different.

Q: He's a little smaller:

A: A little smaller.

Q: He's 220?

A: Yeah. Redman is I think 233. Built differently. The back is built differently. Yeah, he's 220 pounds, but he's not a thick 220 pounds.

Q: Do you expect to have Chase Blackburn and Chris Canty?

A: I'm going to have to wait and answer that after tomorrow. They had a good day today, but you never know what will happen on Friday. I have my fingers crossed that we'll have them.

Q: Were you excited to see them practicing today?
A: I was pumped up yesterday when I watched them just kind of on the side working out. After we practiced today, both of them were in a good frame of mind and felt good after the practice so you have to evaluate after a night's sleep when they get up in the morning, what it's like.

Q: Do your guys understand what New York Giants defense should be?
A: We are New York Giants defense.

Q: What is your definition of New York Giants defense?
A: Eleven to the ball, hard-hitting defense. Never say die. Obviously, we want to take the football away, turn the football over. We want to be relentless in our pursuit and swarm to the football.

Q: Twelve missed tackles against the Steelers, how does that compare to a normal week?
A: We're much less than that on a normal week.

Q: Is that a season-high?
A: I can't say it's a season-high, but we're much less than that. They had something to do with it. The back was good, he had something to do with it. We had a lot to do with it also. We emphasize tackling, we emphasize wrap-tackling. That's what we didn't do very well. We didn't wrap-tackle very well and drive the runner back.

Q: Antrel Rolle basically said, "I do my talking with the pads." How much does Rolle set the tone for your defense with his attitude?
A: We have leaders in all areas of our defense. There's leaders up-front, there's leaders at linebacker, there's leaders in the secondary. In the Dallas game, we felt like Corey Webster set the tone for us early in the ball game with a play that he had made. There are different people that set the tone for your defense. If he's going to take the initiative and set the tone for our defense, we're more than welcome to have him do that.

Q: How was Will Hill looking after four week away?

A: We haven't given him a lot of reps, but some of the reps that we've given him, he's been pretty good. Obviously, after missing four weeks, there's a lot of details that he's missed. We just have to be kind of careful about how much we do with him and what we do with him.