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Antrel Rolle, 11.08.12

Q: AJ Green said your defense has some holes in it.
A: I think every defense has holes in it. If our defense has holes in it, then he shouldn't have a problem exploiting it. The game has to be played on Sunday. The game has to be played on Sunday and we just try and make sure we take our best approach out there come Sunday and go into our bye 7-3.

Q: How do you usually treat comments like that?
A: You don't worry about it. I'm a deep safety. I'm going to play my responsibility and if I get a chance, I'm coming across. He's a great receiver, though. You can't take anything from AJ Green. He's a great receiver and I think definitely the best player on the offensive side of the ball. He makes a number of plays for them and I think his relationship with Dalton is something special. The game has to be played on Sunday and we'll play it.

Q: Do you think if you limit Green, you have a great chance to win?
A: Yeah. He has most of their touches but at the same time I think they have a lot of weapons offensively. Their slot receiver is awesome. I think Gresham at tight end and you have BenJarvus Green-Ellis running the ball so they definitely have a lot of weapons. Limiting AJ Green would definitely help, but they definitely have a lot of weapons.

Q: He said as long as they deal with the guys up front, there are holes to be exploited.
A: That's fine. The game has to be played on Sunday and if he sees holes, hopefully he'll find them. We don't worry too much about talk or what's being said. We'll see come Sunday.

Q: Do you think you guys have shown that you can be beaten deep on long plays?

A: Every defense has its holes. It's just a matter of the offensive guys spotting them out, pointing them out and making sure they find those holes and hitting those holes, but we don't take any of that personal. We just try to do the best we can for our unit. We have to play what's being called and try to be effective at what's being called and being effective in our discipline and our technique. Have we given up plays? Yeah, we've given up plays. So I can definitely see why he says that, but at the same time we're winning games. We're doing whatever it takes to win games out here. We're creating turnovers when an opportunity presents itself. So I don't really worry too much about what he says.

Q: Receivers talk a lot.
A: I'll let my pads do the talking on Sunday. That's how I approach the game. That's how we approach the game, and if he sees me, he better duck.