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Tom Coughlin, 11.08.12

Q: Hakeem Nicks was able to practice today?
A: Yes.

Q: Chris Snee is out again?
A: Yes.

Q: How's Snee looking? Any chance for playing Sunday?
A: He gets a little better every day. We'll have to see. It will be deep in the week before we know.

Q: How much did Hakeem do today?
Q: He did a normal rotation, what we call limited. Half or less.

Q: Is the swelling in the knee down?
A: Yes, it was down today.

Q: How did he look moving around out there?
A: He looked okay.

Q: Do you think Hakeem has been more limited physically by the ailments or the rust of missing time?
A: I wouldn't speculate on that. He's trying as hard as he can.

Q: Did Michael Coe suffer an injury?
A: He had a hamstring.

Q: Will he be able to practice tomorrow?

A: I don't know. We'll see.

Q: If Snee can't play, would Diehl move to guard?
A: There's a couple of options there. We've (tried) a couple combinations in there.

Q: Is Will Hill going to be ready to go?
A: Conditioning-wise, looks like he's in pretty good shape. He's taking a lot of reps: scout team, that kind of thing.

Q: What was Chase Blackburn able to do in practice today?
A: He did quite a bit, did quite a bit.

Q: What about the mental part of it with Hill, missing all that classroom time?
A: He's going to have to pick up on a bunch of stuff. He seems to be okay with that. I don't see any issues. I'm sure on tape there's some things to correct, but he's done pretty well.

Q: How much of Pittsburgh's success in the running game was because of a new middle linebacker?
A: It wasn't any one thing. It was a combination of things, just like it always is.

Q: How difficult is A.J. Green to deal with?
A: Very good, very good player, capable of big plays.

Q: He accounts for a lot of their touchdowns...
A: He seems to be on the other end of a lot of them, yes.

Q: A.J. Green said today that he saw some big holes in your defense; what contributes to some of those big plays?
A: You can't make a generalization, you have to look at the individual play and then you can comment on it. The one the other day, we actually had four guys that should've had the (runner) in a circle, but he came roaring out of there and nobody seemed to move fast enough to be in position to cut him off. There is a different reason for everything.

Q: Do you like the way David Wilson goes about his business every day?
A: I like his energy. I like the enthusiasm he brings to it. His experience factor is going to take time, just like it does for all rookies. I like the enthusiasm.

Q: You have mentioned the importance of practice, how has it looked the last few days?
A: It's been pretty good. I think it's been good, energetic work. Guys are working hard, focused. Our final drills are just as energetic as the early ones. I'm pleased with that part.

Q: With Keith Rivers, and all the injuries he has endured, is there such a thing as an injury-prone player?
A: I hope not. He's had some issues with his legs, that's for sure; hamstrings, calf, whatever.

Q: Will he be good to go this week?
A: We're going to have to see. If you're a member of the dressed squad, you have to do a lot of things. His issue is special teams; he has to play special teams, etc. He has a lot of things he would have to do. If he's capable of doing that, he'd be a strong consideration.

Q: You would think if there was one game he could get back for, it would be against his former team. Do you sense any of that from him?
A: No, I haven't. He keeps things to himself, he's kind of one of those, which is nothing wrong with that.

Q: Jacquian Williams likely to return after the bye?
A: Probably, yeah.

Q: Did Chris Canty practice today?
A: Yes, he did.

Q: How'd he look?
A: He did well.