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Giants' defenders respond to A.J. Green

New York Giants' defenders responded Thursday afternoon to comments by Cincinnati wide receiver A.J. Green that there are "a lot of holes" in the New York defense.

Jason Pierre-Paul.
Jason Pierre-Paul.
Stephen Dunn

You knew that the comment by A.J. Green of the Cincinnati Bengals that there are a "lot of holes" in the New York Giants defense would not go unnoticed by those Giants' defenders, or by Giants' beat reporters. You also knew that those Giants' defenders would have a response.

Here are some of those responses.

Chase Blackburn:

"There's holes in every defense at some point. It's a matter of finding them and us attacking what we feel like are the weak points. It's basically going to break down depending on the time and situations or there's always something. They can find a weak spot in our defense just like you find a weak spot in any offense. You've just got to exploit it."

Antrel Rolle:

"I think every defense has holes in it. If our defense has holes in it, then he shouldn't have a problem exploiting it. ... The game has to be played on Sunday and we just try and make sure we take our best approach out there come Sunday and go into our bye 7-3."

Jason Pierre-Paul:

"It is what it is and everybody has their own opinions about our defense and it is what it is. Come Sunday, all we're going to do is play football before our bye week."

Here is the thing. Green is not wrong. The Giants have given up 45 passing plays of 20 yards or more (3rd worst in the league) and are 26th in the league in defense for a reason -- they haven't been good enough through the first nine games.

Pierre-Paul, the defense's best player, has become more vocal in his third season. He did not deny that the Giants have had defensive issues.

"When you break it down and you watch film, you see we're not all tied together, but that's something that can be corrected and we're doing that this week. This coming Sunday, you're going to see how we play if we play different," Pierre-Paul said. "We've got to be consistent. That's the main key. You've got to be consistent."