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Victor Cruz, 11.07.12

Q: How was practice today?
A: Today was good. We had a good tempo to it and we had some good opportunities. We did a little one on one period just to get some more timing down, so it felt like a productive day.

Q: Have you done the one on one thing in the past?
A: We kind of threw it in. Once the season starts, we normally don't do that as much as training camp, but we threw it in there a little bit just to get some timing against man coverage.

Q: Was that your idea?
A: It was actually Coach Coughlin's idea. It was installed in practice and we just executed it.

Q: Are you noticing more attention to you?
A: Yes.

Q: How does that affect what's going on?
A: Not much. We're still able to find our spots and find our areas where I can get the ball and be effective, but I've just got to work through a lot more traffic.

Q: What are you seeing more of?
A: More double teams, more guys in my face. Not so much off coverage, more physicality. More of them trying to get their hands on me, so it's just something I've just got to be prepared for and continue to work and defeat the coverage.

Q: Is that mentally draining at all?
A: No. It's all part of the game. It's all stuff that I have had to go through, so it's not draining.

Q: With Hakeem not at 100 percent, it allows teams to do other things.
A: Yeah, I agree. Once Hakeem gets back healthy, it's going to be a lot more difficult for guys to key in on one guy, keying in on one receiver and that kind of opens up our game plan a little bit.

Q: You look at it his numbers since Week Two and that's not him.
A: Yeah, everybody knows that and Hakeem is a big play guy and he makes plays down the field. He really stretches the field for us, so we're just waiting for him to get healthy and we'll be all right.

Q: With the bye week coming up, how much more would a win mean this week?
A: Any win is a big win, but obviously coming into the bye, we want to continue to keep our focus and understand that this win is crucial for us and we want to get this win to go into the bye on a positive note and then come back for Green Bay feeling good about ourselves, feeling healthy and continue to go from there.

Q: Was the lack of first downs something that Coughlin pointed out to you guys?
A: Not really. He didn't really say anything to us. Just more so just getting our timing right, understanding where we're at on the field, understanding where we want to be against specific coverages and then we can just work from there.