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Will Hill, 11.07.12

Q: How did you feel out there?
A: Awesome. I was at home just hanging out with the kids, keeping the body in shape, but it ain't nothing like being amongst your teammates and your coaches.

Q: Is there rust?

A: No. I didn't lose a step. Just because I wasn't here, I was still working. I was always grinding. I called Ray Buchanan and the first week I was out, I went down there and got with him and then came back home.

Q: Down in Florida?
A: In Atlanta.

Q: You felt like that was enough to keep you sharp?
A: Yes. I do most of my workouts by myself anyway. I just went down there to get a little feedback from him and watch a little film and then came back home to just continue to do what I do.

Q: How hard was it to watch the team on TV?
A: Extremely hard. It was hard and then again it wasn't because I went through a whole year already without playing, but then at the same time once you start playing again and you see your peers out there busting their butt and you're like, ‘I wish I was there. I wish I could help them in some way, shape or form.'

Q: It was different for you this year because you had a team. Last year you were watching the league in general.
A: It's like I built a bond with these fellas and I felt I was letting them down by not being there and able to help them.

Q: When you woke up this morning and knew that you were going to be able to...
A: I ran here. I was here at six o'clock. Meetings didn't start till eight.

Q: With Kenny probably not going to play, it seems like you'll have a chance to get back out there right away.
A: Yeah. They want to see how I am right now and if I lost a step or anything. So I'm just waiting on the coaches to make their call.

Q: Do you feel like you lost a step?
A: No. I felt as though this break actually gave my body a little something to rest and everybody out there today was like, ‘I'm jealous man. You got fresh legs.' I'm running around everybody right now.

Q: Was it hard to watch special teams on Sunday?
A: It's hard to watch everything, but yeah, special teams, especially the part that I can contribute a lot at; it was definitely... And then the people that are always at my household are looking at me like, ‘You know you were supposed to be right there.' So they're beating me up while I'm beating myself up.