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Justin Tuck, 11.05.12

Q: What are your thoughts on yesterday's game?
A: It's frustrating. I think the phrase that's going around in this locker room is kind of like the pain of regret because we had opportunities to win that game. You give the Steelers a lot of credit. They came in and played a physical brand of football. I thought we matched them for the majority of the game, but for the plays that we didn't, they made plays that eventually led to them winning the football game.

Q: Do you think there's a trend here or do you think it's just a bad game?
A: I don't think it's a trend yet. That's the first one that we lost... We've been able to pull these close ones out lately. We won four straight and our motto or our focus leading from last night is get back on the right track. Come in and watch the film and kind of get the sour taste out of our mouths this week with a great week of practice and go out to Cincinnati and hopefully we'll be able to get back on the winning track.

Q: Invariably, there will be questions about second half swoons.
A: Sure there will for obvious reasons. The only way we control that or have any say so in that is by going out and winning. We understand what our history has been in November and it's not a good one and we definitely do not want to repeat it, but the simple fact is we've got to play better. We've got some great football teams coming up. They're going to present huge challenges to us and we've got to be up for that and hopefully we can turn this thing around.

Q: With the way they were able to run the ball on you yesterday, some of the guys said it was unacceptable in reference to the missed tackles. Was it as bad watching it this morning?
A: From a competitive standpoint, it's always bad when you give up 150-plus yards rushing, but just looking at it, it's so correctable. I think that's the frustrating thing. Most times, you really just get your butt whooped up front and say, ‘I did my best and they still beat me.' We had some things that we could have easily corrected - D-Line wise, linebacking wise, safety wise... I thought Pittsburgh in some cases played the play longer than we did. Give Redman a lot of credit. He's one of those backs that just kept his feet churning and turned one-yard gains into six-yard gains and that was the biggest thing. I think they didn't really hit us for a lot of big plays. They got the 28-yarder late, but a lot of plays were just mush plays where they kind of just played the play a little bit longer than we did and we kind of jumped out of our gaps there and he found a crease.