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Eli Manning: 'No hiding' that he didn't play well Sunday


Eli Manning on Sunday had his worst game since a Jan. 2009 playoff loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. Monday he acknowledge that "Obviously, I didn't play well" during a game in which he completed only 10-of-24 passes.

"There's no hiding it. I didn't play my best football and I've got to play better. That's all I'm worried about. You go from week-to-week, you go from game-to-game, you see where you need to make improvements and you make those improvements. I've gone through stretches where I haven't played great football, and I've been able to bounce back and start playing better," Manning said.

"We know that it's part of a football season. It's never going to be perfect. Every week there will be stretches where you don't play up to your potential," Manning said. "Right now, our defense is playing well. Offensively, we're not playing to our potential. So, we've got to look at things, make some adjustments and see what we need to fix up."