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Second-half swoons: The Giants' elephant in the room

Justin Tuck spoke Monday about the Giants' history of second-half struggles, acknowledging that there will be questions as long as the Giants do not play well.

Justin Tuck after a sack of Ben Roethlisberger on Sunday.
Justin Tuck after a sack of Ben Roethlisberger on Sunday.
Jeff Zelevansky

Veteran New York Giants' defensive end Justin Tuck, the team's defensive captain, has been one of the few people willing to address what you might refer to as the elephant in the room for the Giants. That, of course, is the team's history of second half of the season struggles during Tom Coughlin's nine seasons as head coach.

Tuck addressed that elephant last week, saying "What I am worried about is what we have always done."

Sunday, the Giants again did what they almost always do. The Giants are now 1-8 under Coughlin in Week 9 and 13-19 during the month of November. Five of those November victories came in 2008, when they followed up with a 1-3 December.

Tuck again addressed the second-half issues on Monday, saying "sure there will" be questions about those struggles until the Giants overcome them.

"The only way we can control that is by going out and winning," Tuck said. "We understand what our history has been in November. It's not a good one, and we definitely do not want to repeat it. Simple fact is we've got to play better."