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Victor Cruz, 11.04.12

Q: What happened offensively out there?
A: Just had a couple of miscues and couldn't attack them the way we wanted to and just had a couple miscues out there on third down. We couldn't complete some balls and things like that, but it's just the nature of the game and it happens.

Q: It seems like the offense has been a little out of synch. Is there an explanation for that?
A: Not really. I think we all feel good going into every week and we do some good things in practice as far as understanding what defense we're going up against and it's just a matter of executing out there each and every week and we had some miscues today and as well as last week, so we've just got to bang away at it and get it squared away.

Q: Coach spoke about the emotional aspect with the hurricane. How did the emotion play on the field once the game got started?
A: Once the game got started, it just felt like we wanted to play. We just wanted to go out there and compete and be physical and win the game. Not just for ourselves, but for the city and for the tri-state area and everyone that got affected. But we came up a little short today and it's unfortunate.

Q: How disappointing is it given the circumstances?

A: It's a little disappointing definitely for the fans who live and die with us and things like that and looked at our game as a way of relief and as a way of hope to moving forward from Hurricane Sandy and it's just unfortunate we couldn't get it done for them.

Q: Were you surprised with all the power outages that 80,000 people did show up today?

A: I wasn't surprised. I know Giants fans and they're going to make it to this game and support their team no matter what. It could be whatever the circumstances are, I know Giants fans are true to their team and they were going to come out and support us today.

Q: Does it seem like teams have been more physical with you this season?
A: I guess so. It's no different from what I felt last year. Last year, teams were being physical and trying to hit me.