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Ahmad Bradshaw, 11.04.12

RE: Problems on offense
A: We're going to find a way to get something done.

Q: What do you think the issue is?
A: We don't know yet. That's what practicing all week does. Helping us prepare for the next team, get better and find our issues.

Q: Does today feel like a little bit of a different kind of game? Because of the storm, or what's been going on?
A: No, it didn't. Same game. It's what we've been doing every week.

Q: Offensively, what do you think it is?
A: We don't know. That's what practice is for, to find out.

Q: Did it feel like a letdown, considering what the area has gone through? People saying this would be an emotional boost?

A: We play football, we tried.