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Eli Manning, 11.04.12

Q: When you're up 20-10 and you try to put this game away or score more points to finish this game - are you surprised that that didn't happen?

A: I knew we were going to have to score more points and we expected to offensively. We've been pretty good in fourth quarters at coming back and scoring more and finishing the game strong. Tonight we were in a position - down - with a chance to score a touchdown and take the lead and possibly win the game and we didn't come through. All night we weren't as sharp as we needed to be; not efficient in the red zone; not very good on third down. We haven't been playing our best football offensively in the last few weeks. Our defense has been playing great, but tonight it finally caught up with us.

Q: You talked about the offense in the last few weeks and now only two offensive touchdowns. What is it you see that you guys are not doing that you did earlier in the year?

A: We're just not executing as well. Third downs - that's a big part; just not getting firsts. A little off here; just not executing; guys not doing everything perfectly; me missing some throws - so it's just a combination of everything. I don't think there's one thing that saying, "we're just not doing this," and that'll solve all our problems. Everybody working together; everybody playing good football on every situation, and that will lead to points.

Q: Do you think, personally, you're in a little bit of a slump now where throws you were making consistently earlier in the season are just not there for you right now?

A: No, I don't think that's the case. I feel like I'm throwing the ball accurately when I have opportunities to, it's just trying to find guys open and trying to just get in good situations. We had some big plays with pass interference where that accounted for 50 or 100 yards or so on some big ones. Besides that, we're just not getting our shots down the field as much, it's not consistent. We just have to do better overall in the passing game.

Q: Coach was just talking about how badly this team wanted to win this game for obvious reasons and put a smile on the faces of the people for a few hours. Was this team fully prepared for football or was the focus on other places?

A: No, I thought our focus was good. I thought our practice was good all week. I thought guys knew the game plan and knew what to expect. I don't think that was the case - it wasn't like guys were doing the wrong things and guys were in the wrong spots. That wasn't the case. It was a matter of we didn't play well enough offensively. Sometimes you have those games and obviously they're a good defense. They're talented and they do a great job with the defense mixing up the looks. I think we just didn't have it, but we've been in those situations where you have those tough games but in the fourth quarter you need drives and plays, we've been able to bounce back and make those plays, but we didn't do that tonight.

Q: Are you surprised that teams are somehow getting you off the field in the red zone without scoring touchdowns, especially with the weapons that you have?

A: It's just a matter of execution. Teams are sometimes playing with two safeties high and forcing you to run the ball and we're running it but not getting the yardage or not getting in the end zone running the ball, so we're having to throw on third down. We had a fade route that was very close and we just didn't execute on that one, so I think we've just got to find ways to make the plays down there.

Q: The fact that you haven't been able to live at home this week, did that cause you to feel out of sorts at all?

A: No, I think I've kept my regular schedule. I've been able to watch my film and come to practice. I tried hard to stay in a normal routine. I think the guys did a good job with not complaining about things and not making excuses. We were prepared to play tonight, we just didn't play our best.

Q: With three 3-and-out's in the fourth quarter, did you guys feel that maybe just one first down could've stopped their momentum?

A: Obviously we would have liked to get a first down down there and in the fourth quarter we were backed up on a drive and couldn't go, but we had a chance with the lead. We knew we had to go down and get a touchdown to take the lead, but we weren't able to come through.

Q: Take us through the interception in the first half and what you saw.

A: It was just a bad decision by me. There was pretty good coverage based on the play and I was trying to come back and give a shot to Victor on the corner route, and I just got hit as I threw it. The ball didn't come out how I wanted it to. I shouldn't have attempted that throw under the circumstances.

Q: When Tom was just addressing your recent play, he said, "We have to get him back on track," meaning you, individually. Do you feel like the last 2-3 weeks you've gotten out of rhythm or off track?

A: I don't feel off-rhythm. I think offensively in the passing game, we've got to get back to where we're running things we feel comfortable with or getting guys open, so it's a combination. I don't feel like I'm throwing the ball inaccurately, I don't feel like I'm missing guys, so I think it's just a matter of getting back offensively to where we're playing fast, making good decisions, guys are winning, and we'll hit them.